SkinsMonkey Promo Code 2023: Claim Your Exclusive Bonus Now


Get started the right way on this CS:GO trading site by claiming our exclusive SkinsMonkey promo code: “PROMO CODE”. You’ll obtain free credits to buy any CS:GO skin on this platform, just by joining it without having to make a first deposit.

We all like free stuff, but if you don’t know how to enter and claim the SkinsMonkey promo code, then check out our quick tutorial below to obtain your free credits right now.

How to Enter the SkinsMonkey Promo Code to Claim Your Bonus

SkinsMonkey Promo Code

Here’s how you can enter your SkinsMonkey promo code now to claim your exclusive welcome bonus:

SkinsMonkey Promo Code Drop Down

  1. Visit the official SkinsMonkey website
  2. Click on “Sign in via Steam”
  3. Enter your Steam trade URL
  4. Enter your email
  5. Click on your Profile Icon
  6. Click on Claim Bonus
  7. Enter the promo code “PROMO CODE”
  8. Enjoy your free credits!

SkinsMonkey will instantly credit your account with free credits that you can use to buy your favorite skins and pay for trading fees. And this promo code is 100% free to claim, you don’t need to make any deposit to start using your free cash.

What is the SkinsMonkey Promo Code?

The SkinsMonkey promo code is a special bonus code that allows you to claim an exclusive welcome bonus, in this case it’s free credits that you can use to buy CS:GO skins on SkinsMonkey. 

Using a promo code is a popular marketing tactic amongst CS:GO skins trading sites, because it allows customers to try out the platform without risk. In this case, SkinsMonkey offers free cash that you can claim on registration, all by entering a free promotional code.

Is the SkinsMonkey Promo Code Legit?

Yes, the SkinsMonkey promo code is legit because thousands of users have been able to claim it since 2021, and we include ourselves in this group because we got the promised bonus after entering the promotional code.

TrustPilot rates SkinsMonkey with a solid 4.7 out of 5.0, based on 599 reviews from which 91% rate SkinsMonkey with 5 stars. In this group, we can find several customers who rate it 5 stars because the promo code works and they were able to get the free money to buy CS:GO skins.

Therefore, the SkinsMonkey promo code is legit and safe to use. Furthermore, since you don’t have to pay money to claim it, you won’t risk your money because this bonus code is completely free.

How Does the SkinsMonkey Promo Code Work?

If you have never claimed a promo code before and you want to know how it works, then here you have a detailed explanation. 

The SkinsMonkey promo code works in a similar fashion to keys and CS:GO cases. To open a CS:GO box, you need a key, which will allow you to obtain the skins inside it. In this case, the promo code is a key that will allow you to obtain the free money bonus. The advantage here is that you know exactly what you’ll get, whereas CS:GO cases will reward you random skins.

Once you enter the promo code, SkinsMonkey will automatically credit your account with the free credits. They’re freely and instantly disposable, so you can buy your favorite CS:GO skins for free. 

SkinsMonkey created this special promo code in 2021 in order to attract new users and compete against other giants in this industry such as DMarket, CS.MONEY and SkinBaron. Because it’s a highly competitive sector,, the SkinsMonkey promo code has allowed this relatively new CS:GO trading site to obtain and retain its own share of the market.

Additional Promo Codes and Bonuses at SkinsMonkey

SkinsMonkey will reward you more bonuses, promo codes and gifts when you join the website with our special welcome promo code. Here you have a complete overview on all the promotions you can claim.

Get Up to 35% On Your First Deposit

If you’re ready to make your first deposit to buy skins on SkinsMonkey, then you need to take advantage of their biggest promotion: Win up to 35% extra on your first deposit. You’ll have 35% extra funds to buy your favorite CS:GO skins, items and cosmetics at already discounted prices. Allowing you to get your hands on premium skins at unbeatable prices.

Win Free CS:GO Skins by Completing Simple Tasks

SkinsMonkey can also reward you with plenty of free CS:GO skins by completing simple tasks such as verifying your email, adding your avatar and other similar actions that will barely take you 2 minutes.

Win Skins and Items in Daily, Weekly and Monthly Raffles

SkinsMonkey is one of the most generous skins trading sites because they host daily, weekly and monthly raffles that can reward you with plenty of free skins and in-game items. After claiming our promo code [PROMO] you’ll activate all of these additional benefits, so you can keep stocking up your inventory with new cosmetics.

To stand a chance at winning the skins from the daily, weekly and monthly giveaways, you need to complete a series of free tasks to accumulate entries. The more tasks you complete, the more likely you’ll be to win a valuable CS:GO skin such as a Vulcan AK-47, Asiimov AWP and a Trigon P90.


SkinsMonkey FAQ

For more information about the promo code by SkinsMonkey, check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

How to get free money on SkinsMonkey?

You can get free money on SkinsMonkey by claiming our promo code “[CODE]”. It will reward you with a free bonus on registration, which you can use to buy, sell and trade skins on its platform. And you can also take advantage of giveaways to win free CS:GO skins that you can sell to win money, which they host every day, week and month.

Can you win free CS:GO skins with the SkinsMonkey promo code?

You can get CS:GO skins for free thanks to the SkinsMonkey promo code, because you can use the free credits to buy all the CS:GO cosmetics and items you wish. Instead of getting CS:GO cases that will reward you with random skins, here you’ll get freely disposable money to buy whatever you want on SkinsMonkey.

Is the SkinsMonkey promo code free?

Yes, you can claim our exclusive SkinsMonkey promo code for free. You’ll get free money on registration, without having to make any deposit. And by taking part in the giveaways, you can win even more CS:GO skins and resources without having to spend a cent on SkinsMonkey.