Skins.Cash Promo Code 2023: Claim a Legit Bonus Now

Skins.Cash Promo Code 2023

Skins.Cash is one of the most popular skins cashout platforms in the industry, because it can immediately turn CS:GO, TF2, Rust and Dota 2 skins into real money and crypto. And now it has become even more famous thanks to the Skins.Cash promo code that rewards you with a bonus when cashing out skins for the first time on their platform.

Thanks to the Skins.Cash bonus code, you’ll get paid more money for your skins and items when cashing them out immediately, and here it is so you can claim it now: [PROMO CODE].

If you want to learn more about the promo code such as how to enter and claim it, if it’s a legit offer and what benefits you’ll get from redeeming it, then check out our guide below.

How to Enter the Skins.Cash Promo Code to Claim Your Bonus

Here’s how you can enter the promo code [PROMO CODE] in only 5 steps to claim your cash out bonus:

  • Go to Skins.Cash
  • Sign in via Steam
  • Explore your inventory and select the skins you want to cash out
  • Choose your preferred cashout method (Cryptos, Payoneer, Visa or Bank transfer)
  • Get an offer from Skins.Cash
  • Enter the promo code [PROMO CODE]
  • Click “Confirm”
  • Receive the payment for your skins and the bonus.

Skins.Cash will automatically add the bonus to your first cash out and you’ll receive the premium via Payoneer, Visa, bank transfer or crypto. Now you can go ahead and enter the [PROMO CODE] to get the best price for your skins and items. 

What is the Skins.Cash Promo Code?

It’s a special promo code that you can enter into Skins.Cash when making your first cash out on their platform, and it will automatically add a premium to your final payment. Skins.Cash uses this bonus code to attract new users to use their platform, given how competitive this sector of the skins trading industry is.

Skins.Cash introduced this offer because they’re aware that instant skins cash outs pay less than a regular cash out. By adding a premium, they reduce the impact of this disadvantage, allowing you to get more money out of your instant cashout. 

Thanks to the Skins.Cash promo code, the platform has successfully jumped to over 300,000 monthly visitors, registering hundreds of instant cashouts every day. 

How Does the Skins.Cash Promo Code Work?

The promo code by Skins.Cash works in the following way:

  • You enter the promo code as instructed
  • Skins.Cash automatically activates the cashout bonus for your account
  • When making an instant cashout the platform will automatically add the bonus
  • Skins.Cash will let you know how much they will pay for your skins
  • You’ll receive your payment plus the bonus via your selected withdrawal method.

The mechanism behind this bonus code is simple and straightforward. As we have seen in the previous section, it has been incredibly effective for Skins.Cash, and it has benefited thousands of traders with the possibility to get more money when opting for immediately cashing out their skins and in-game items for crypto or crash.

Note: By entering the promotional code, Skins.Cash will also activate other bonuses and promotions for your account. The more you trade at Skins.Cash, the more offers and benefits you’ll be able to claim.

Real Example on How the Skins.Cash Promo Code Works

Here you have a real life example on how this promotional code works, so you know exactly what to expect after claiming it.

Let’s suppose that you join Skins.Cash because you need to sell the following skins ASAP:

  • AK-47 The Empress (Factory New)
  • UMP-45 | WILD CHILD (Minimal Wear)
  • AK-47 | HEAD SHOT (Factory New)
  • HYDRA GLOVES | RATTLER (Battle Scarred)

The total value of these skins is $315, but when opting for an instant cashout, the site will pay you from $157 to $189. This is the price for convenience, because you’ll receive the money immediately via your preferred payment method.

Fortunately, thanks to claiming the Skins.Cash promo code, you’ll get a bonus on your first cashout, allowing you to get an extra 10%. Let’s say that Skins.Cash was going to pay you $189 for your skins, now thanks to the bonus, you’ll get a total of $207.90 USD. 

Now all you need to do is to confirm the offer from Skins.Cash and you’ll receive the $207.90 USD via your preferred payment method, be it crypto, Visa, Payoneer or Bank Transfer. Because it’s an instant cashout, you’ll receive the payment ASAP.

Important note: Keep in mind that this is just an example and simulation, because the prices can vary depending on the skins and items you want to sell. The same goes for the promo code, because the terms and conditions of the bonus can vary, and hence, you might get a lower or higher extra percentage on your cashout.

Is the Skins.Cash Promo Code Legit?

Skins.Cash has been operating since 2016, allowing thousands of users to instantly turn their skins and items into real money via Payoneer, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers and Visa. And since its inception, this platform has been offering the Skins.Cash promo code, which thousands of customers have been able to claim with a 100% success rate.

We didn’t find any complaints related to the Skins.Cash promo code on Reddit, TrustPilot, Steam Community or, which lets us see that this promotional code is legit and everyone has been able to get the cash out bonus after redeeming it.

Therefore, this bonus code is 100% legit and safe to use. We’ve tested it ourselves, and we got a generous bonus when instantly selling our CS:GO skins for Bitcoin.

What are the Benefits of Claiming the Skins.Cash Promo Code?

If you need solid reasons on why you should enter and claim the Skins.Cash promo code today, here you have all the benefits you’ll get.

Get More Money When Selling Your Skins Instantly

The most important benefit of this promo code is that you can get more money when selling your CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust skins for instant cash or crypto. You’ll get the best possible value for your skins and in-game items, much better than other similar platforms, and all thanks to this exclusive bonus code.

Save Money on Cash Out Fees

Instant cashouts are convenient but receiving just a portion of the original price of your skins always hurts, but the bonus of this promotional code will improve this situation. Because it will reward you with a premium on your cashout, it will reduce the fees and hence you’ll receive more money when selling your cosmetics.

Get the Best Price for Your Premium Skins

Cashing out premium skins, let’s say items worth more than $1,000, can be a problem in some cases because these sites will pay you just 50-60% of its original price. Fortunately, thanks to the Skins.Cash promo code, you’ll receive a fair price for your premium skins, be it via BTC, LTC, Visa, Payoneer or any other of the available payment methods.

Try Instant Cashouts the Right Way

If you have never traded at a skins instant cashout site before, then this promo code will allow you to try instant cashouts the right way. Because you’ll receive a premium on the skins you want to instantly sell, you can test this innovative withdrawal system with minimal risk.

Get Access to More Bonuses and Promotions

The promo code is just one of the many other bonuses and offers you’ll be able to claim at Skins.Cash. Because their mission is to increase their number of active users and daily trades for 2024, they constantly release new cashout bonuses and exclusive rewards for loyal customers. From getting new and exclusive skins for free to getting generous bonuses for your instant cashouts, it pays off to trade at Skins.Cash.

Other Bonuses and Promotions You Can Claim at Skins.Cash

Skins.Cash offers more advantages than just a single-use promo code. Here you have a complete overview on all the additional promotions and bonuses you can claim.

New Instant Cashout Bonuses

The first instant cashout bonus you’ll receive after entering the Skins.Cash promo code will be just the beginning. This trading site will reward you with new instant cashout bonuses, so you can always get extra money when selling your skins and items to them. Be it cheap or premium cosmetics, the bonuses by Skins.Cash will help you to get the most out of each instant cashout.

Free Skins Giveaway

Skins.Cash also hosts a free skins giveaway program that will allow you to win CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust skins without charge. All you need to do is to use the platform regularly so you can win entries, and you’ll stand a higher chance at winning any of the skins from the pool. The latest skin they gave away was an StatTrack™ AK-47 | Neon Rider (Field-Tested), which value ranges from $80 to $140.

Crypto Cashout Bonus

Skins.Cash can also offer you a crypto-exclusive cash out bonus so you get better prices for your skins when selling them instantly for Bitcoin, USDT, LTC or any other of their supported cryptocurrencies. This is why it’s always a good idea to mainly use crypto at Skins.Cash, so you can take advantage of these exclusive promotions.

Loyalty Rewards

The more you trade at Skins.Cash, the more bonuses and rewards you will win. From getting a premium on every cash out to winning exclusive and free skins, it makes sense to turn Skins.Cash into your favorite skins instant cashout site, because you’ll get plenty of loyalty rewards. From premium skins for free to big extra percentage bonuses on your cashouts, Skins.Cash will give you enough reasons to remain a loyal customer.

Partnership Rewards

If you have a social following on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord or Telegram, you can apply for becoming a Media Partner. You’ll obtain exclusive rewards and bonuses by promoting Skins.Cash to your fans, allowing you to get more out of every cash out you process on this platform.


For more information about the bonus code by Skins.Cash, refer to our answers to the most frequently asked questions about this promotion.

Is the Skins.Cash promo code free?

Yes, the Skins.Cash promotional code is 100% free. You don’t have to make any payment or deposit to claim it. Simply enter it as instructed and the platform will automatically credit your account with the cashout bonus.

Can you use the Skins.Cash promo code more than once?

Once you become a customer at Skins.Cash by making your first cash out, the platform will bring you other promo codes you can use multiple times to get a bonus on every skin instant cashout.

Do you need to make a deposit to claim the Skins.Cash promo code?

No, you don’t need to make any deposit because the platform doesn’t support it. Skins.Cash is a skins instant cashout site, and hence you can only use it for withdrawals. The promo code is completely free to use.

Can you get free skins with the Skins.Cash promo code?

No, this promo code will bring you a bonus when instantly selling your skins and items on Skins.Cash. However, you can claim free skins once you become a customer, because you can take part in the Free Skins Giveaway Program.