SkinCashier Promo Code 2023: Claim the Newest Bonuses Now

SkinCashier Promo Codes

If you want to immediately turn your CS:GO, Dota 2, Rust and TF2 skins and items into real money via PayPal, cryptocurrencies, Payeer or credit cards, SkinCashier is your best choice… especially if you use our exclusive promo code to get. SkinCashier offers an extra 3% on your skins cashout: [PROMO CODE].

Save on SkinCashier fees commissions by selling your Steam items by using the promo codes and coupon code provided.

If you want to learn how to enter the promo code, how to use it, its benefits and real life examples, then we invite you to keep reading this guide.


How to Enter and Claim the SkinCashier Promo Code 2023

If you’re ready to use our promo code to get an extra 3% on your skins cashout today, but you don’t know how to enter it, then here you have how to do it now to claim Skincashier promo codes and receive bonus code Skincashier promo codes.

If you want to reap the benefits of SkinCashier promo codes to get instant cash.

  1. Insert your Steam Trade URL
  2. Select the skins and items you want to sell
  3. Select your preferred payout method
  4. Enter the promo code [PROMO CODE] in the promo code field
  5. Check how much SkinCashier will pay for your skins
  6. Click on “Get Your Cash Instantly”
  7. Get your money immediately!

If you want to make it easier, then just click here to claim our SkinCashier promo code now. It will automatically credit your account with the 3% cashout bonus that you can use whenever you wish when using the Skincashier promotional code

What is the SkinCashier Promo Code?

It is a special code that you enter at SkinCashier to claim an exclusive bonus of 3% extra on your skins withdrawals, cashouts and payouts. You can use when selling CS:GO, TF2, Dota 2 and Rust skins and items to SkinCashier, and it’s valid for cashouts in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PayPal, Payeer, QiWi, ADVCash and credit/debit cards. This makes SkinCashier coupons viable.

The Solution to an Issue in the Instant Skins Cashout Sector

SkinCashier uses this promo code to attract new users who wish to immediately turn their skins into real money, by bringing them a better rate than their main competitors: Skins.Cash and SkinSwap. In such a competitive market, even a 3% difference is enough for a user to select SkinCashier over other sites that offer Instant Cashout and Instant Sell which makes it ideal if you want to sell skins while using the Skincashier promo codes you can real reap the benefits by enjoying a discount code while you make huge savings and save money by using the coupon codes that we provide, many people have sold skins with Skincashier.

So start skin selling today!

Instant cashout sites are known for offering prices 50-70% lower than the market average, because they’re bringing you immediate money via your preferred payment method in exchange for more affordable skins and in-game items. And because SkinCashier is aware that this is stopping certain users from using their services, they released this exclusive promo code and bonus in 2021, to vanish away all of their concerns to make the skin prices even better than the Steam market.

How Does the SkinCashier Cash Out Bonus Work?

Once you’ve entered and claimed the SkinCashier promo code, the platform will automatically credit your account with the 3% cashout bonus. And it works like this:

  1. Enter your Steam Trade URL in case you haven’t done it already
  2. Select what skins and items you want to sell
  3. Choose your withdrawal method
  4. Check the amount SkinCashier will pay you with the 3% bonus
  5. Click on “Get Your Cash Instantly”
  6. Receive the money via your selected payment method.


Let’s suppose that you want to immediately cash out a lot of CS:GO skins worth $5,000 according to SkinCashier, then the promo code bonus will grant you an extra 3% on your withdrawal amount, bringing you a total of $5,150 ($5,000 + $150) via your preferred payment method. SkinCashier offers great SkinCashier customer support if you have any issues in regards to using the online wallets and while redeeming SkinCashier promo codes

Is the SkinCashier Promo Code Legit?

Many people ask is SkinCashier Legit Yes, because SkinCashier has been offering this promo code since November 2021 with a 100% success rate according to reviews, comments and reports. All the users who have used the code have been able to claim the 3% bonus when selling their skins to SkinCashier for instant cashout via crypto, PayPal, QiWi or credit cards. The skin prices calculated are also legitimate, offering all the payouts that are popular with no hidden fees.

You don’t have to take our word for granted, because TrustPilot and Reddit agree that SkinCashier and its promo code are 100% legit. Here you have the evidence.

How does TrustPilot rate the SkinCashier promo code?

SkinCashier has a TrustPilot rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 with over 1,990 reviews, from which we have found several mentions of the promotional code. They all agree that it works as promised, bringing all the users their 3% bonus for skins cashouts and withdrawals, letting us see that the SkinCashier promo code is legit.

How does Reddit rate the SkinCashier promo code?

We’ve found over 50 threads that discuss SkinCashier and they all have positive comments in regards to their cashout services, their promo codes and their bonuses. Being an established brand with a clean record since 2021, Reddit users confirm that the SkinCashier promo code is legit because it works 100% of the time.

5 Benefits of the SkinCashier Promo Code

Claiming this bonus code today will offer you nothing but incredible benefits when selling your skins, here you have the full list of reasons to enter this promo code today.

1. Get More Money Fast

Simply put, a 3% bonus on skins withdrawals will put more money in your pockets. Unlike other skin cashout sites that try to get as much money as possible from you, SkinCashier is happy to bring the best prices on the market with its welcome bonus.

2. Immediately Turn Your Skins into Real Money

You can immediately sell your skins to SkinCashier at any time of the day and they’ll buy them, no questions asked. Thanks to their bot, they can process your order automatically and activate the promo code, to bring you that juicy extra 3% on your skins cashout.

3. Get Your Money As You Wish

Unlike other sites that restrict what payment methods you can use when claiming a promo code, SkinCashier will allow you to use any payment you wish. You can cashout via BTC, PayPal, Payeer or any other of their payment methods. They all accept the SkinCashier promo code, and hence you’ll obtain your extra 3% on withdrawals.

4. Get Access to More Promotions and Bonuses

Using the promo code and becoming an active user at SkinCashier will open you the door to exclusive promotions and bonuses in the future. Because they plan to become the #1 skins cashout site for CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust, it’s highly likely they’ll release more bonuses in the short term, especially for loyal users.

5. Use the Promo Code for Free with No Questions Asked

You don’t need to pay fees or meet certain requirements when entering and claiming the SkinCashier promo code. You can use it for free with no questions asked, be it that you need to cash out a lot worth $100 or $50,000 – SkinCashier will grant you the extra 3% on your withdrawal with immediate payment via your preferred cashout method.

Examples on the Benefits of the SkinCashier Promo Code

It’s free to use, you can claim with any payment method, it applies to all types of withdrawals and you’ll receive more money immediately – this is why traders love the SkinCashier promo code. And here you have examples on how they’re taking advantage of these benefits.

Selling CS:GO Skins with an Added Bonus

Let’s say that you want to sell the following lot of CS:GO skins to SkinCashier:

  • Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive (Factory New) x5
  • AK-47 | Gold Arabesque (Battle Scarred)
  • Falchion Knife | Marble Fade (Factory New)
  • M4A4 | In Living Color (Field-Tested) x10
  • AWP | Asiimov (Field-Tested)

Based on our data, SkinCashier is likely to offer you $900 to $1,000 for the entire lot, and if you use the promo code, then you’ll obtain an extra $27 to $30 on your withdrawal.

Now, let’s suppose that you want to cash out a premium lot of CS:GO skins because you need money ASAP:

  • Karambit | Marble Fade (Factory New)
  • AK-47 | Wild Lotus (Minimal Wear)
  • StatTrak™ Falchion Knife | Doppler (Factory New)
  • M4A1-S | Imminent Danger (Factory New)

In this case, SkinCashier would pay $6,000 to $7,000 for the whole lot, and by using the promo code, you will obtain an extra $180-210 on your withdrawal.

Selling Dota 2 Items for More Money

If you mainly play and trade Dota 2 items and skins, then you’ll be happy to know that you can cash them out via SkinCashier, and you can also use the promo code to get an extra bonus on your withdrawals. Let’s suppose that you want to sell the following lot of Dota 2 skins and items:

  • Reaper’s Wreath x8
  • Righteous Thunderbolt x5
  • Exalted Frost Avalanche x10
  • Solar Forge x20

Based on our data, SkinCashier will pay from $100 to $120 for this lot, and by using the bonus code, you’ll obtain an extra $3 to $3.60 on your withdrawal.

Selling Rust Skins and Items for a Bigger Profit

If Rust is your favorite game and you like to trade skins and items on the regular, then you can sell them instantly to SkinCashier for an immediate cash out via PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, amongst other payment methods.

Let’s suppose that you want to sell the following lot of Rust skins and items to SkinCashier.

  • Gothic Reception x15
  • Emerald Knife x7
  • Retrowave AR x10
  • Tempered AK47 x5
  • Dragon Mask x5
  • Azul Python x10

SkinCashier will pay you $120 to $140 for this lot of Rust skins, and by using the promo code you’ll get an extra $3.60 to $4.20 on your withdrawal.

Selling TF2 Skins for a Better Price

If your bread and butter is playing TF2 and trading its skins and items, then you can sell them to SkinCashier for getting immediate cash. To understand how the promo code bonus works in this case, let’s suppose that you want to sell this lot of TF2 skins:

  • Torqued to Hell Wrench (Factory New) x5
  • The C.A.P.P.E.R  x5
  • Red Rock Roscoe Pistol x3
  • Boneyard Revolver x7
  • Third Degree
  • Strange Rainblower

SkinCashier would pay from $144 to $150 for this lot, and by using the promo code you’ll obtain an extra $4.32 to $4.50 on your withdrawal.

Other Bonuses and Promotions Available at SkinCashier

Entering the promo code for claiming the 3% bonus is only the beginning, because SkinCashier can reward your time and loyalty to the platform in two additional ways:

  • Affiliate Benefits: Immediately turning your skins into money is a godsend when you need cash ASAP, and just like you there are thousands of traders who need this solution, but they don’t know that SkinCashier exists. By becoming an affiliate, you’ll earn money each time they cash out their skins at SkinCashier, bringing you an additional revenue stream just by promoting your favorite instant skins cashout service.
  • Influencer Benefits: If you have a big audience on YouTube, Twitch, Telegram, Twitter or any other social media channel, SkinCashier can bring you special benefits such as a higher affiliate commission rate, exclusive bonuses and generous promo code that you can share with your audience
  • High Volume Benefits: If you are planning to cash out a high volume of skins and items via SkinCashier every month, you can reach out to them for exclusive discounts and benefits. Other skins cashout sites do this, so you won’t lose anything by asking.

Now you have more reasons to join SkinCashier today because you’ll get access to exclusive benefits that will help you to retain a bigger percentage of your profits in each payout.


If you’d like to get more information about the promo code by SkinCashier, here you have the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is the SkinCashier promo code free?

Yes, you can enter and claim this promo code for free. It will automatically credit your account with a 3% bonus when selling your skins and items to SkinCashier. For example, if you sell a lot of skins worth $1000, then this bonus will bring you an extra $30.

When does the SkinCashier promo code expire?

SkinCashier hasn’t set an expiration date for their promo code, but we recommend you to claim it as soon as possible. Because their policies can change at any given time, and you won’t be able to take advantage of this exclusive cash out bonus.

Can you use the SkinCashier promo code bonus for crypto cashout?

Yes, you can enter the SkinCashier promo code to claim your 3% bonus and it will be valid for crypto cashouts. For example, if you sell a set of skins worth $3,000 via BTC, then SkinCashier will add an extra 3% to your withdrawal, bringing you a total of $3,090.

Can you use the SkinCashier promo code to buy skins?

No, this promo code is only available for cashouts because SkinCashier doesn’t offer the option for buying skins.