Rust Trading Sites for 2023: 7 Platforms to Buy, Sell and Exchange Safely

The Best Rust Trading Sites

After investing 100+ hours in research, analysis and testing, we’ve identified the top 7 Rust trading sites for 2023 and we’ve classified them according to their benefits, to help you find your ideal platform.

If you want to compare the pros and cons of each site before choosing one for trading Rust skins, we invite you to check out the section below.

All of our recommended Rust trading sites are loved by the community, offer low buying and selling fees, host massive inventories of skins and items, and have up to 200K daily visitors ready to buy, sell and exchange skins and items from your steam inventory on the top Rust trading sites.

Check out our ranking below to start trading your Rust skins and items today.

Click on the name of your favourite site from our ranking to sign up and start trading, buying and selling Rust items and skin fast and with the lowest fees on the internet.

Ranking of the Top 7 Rust Trading Sites for 2023: Join Now to Start Buying and Selling

1. DMarket: Best Overall Rust Trading Site 

DMarket Rust

Who Should Trade at DMarket?

  • If you want the highest liquidity for fast trades 24/7
  • If you want to sell skins and take advantage of prices similar to Steam
  • If you want to buy rare, premium and out-of-stock Rust skins and items
  • If you want to trade on a platform that offers both bot and P2P trading
  • If you want to save money in buying and selling fees



  • Large variety of Rust skins and items with 38K+ active offers
  • Fast and seamless trades with 160k+ daily visitors
  • Save money with the 0% buying fee and 5% selling fee
  • Targeted traffic ready to buy your Rust skins at prices similar to Steam
  • Peer-to-Peer trading available
  • Premium and rare Rust skins available


  • No live chat
  • No auctioning available

2. SkinCashier: Best for Instant Cashout

SkinCashier Rust

Who Should Trade at SkinCashier?

  • If you want to cash out your Rust items and skins immediately
  • If you want to sell your skins for FIAT (PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc.)
  • If you want to sell your skins for crypto
  • If you want to sell Rust skins/items in bulk on a monthly basis
  • If you want to obtain the best selling price for premium Rust skins



  • Instantly sell your Rust skins and items for real money
  • PayPal, eWallets and cryptocurrencies available
  • Special discounts for selling Rust skins and items in bulk
  • Competitive pricing for sellers
  • Best choice for selling premium Rust skins


  • SkinCashier buys Rust skins and items at a lower price than Steam
  • Not all Rust skins and items are accepted

3. Largest Variety of Rust Skins and Items

Trade.It.GG Rust

Who Should Trade at

  • If you want to find rare skins that are out of stock on Steam and other marketplaces
  • If you want to buy Rust skins and items at a discount
  • If you need to exchange skins/items for skins/items fast


  • Largest variety of Rust skins and items ($5M worth of offers in the marketplace)
  • Buy, sell and exchange fast with 60K+ daily visitors
  • 87K+ daily trades for optimal liquidity
  • Buy premium Rust skins and items at a lower price than Steam
  • Instant Cashout available


  • Instant cashout is expensive

4. ShadowPay: Best for Trading Rust Skins P2P

SHadow Pay Rust Skins

Who Should Trade at ShadowPay?

  • If you want to trade peer-to-peer
  • If you want to list your Rust skins and items on different marketplaces
  • If you want to keep using your skins while they’re on sale
  • If you want FIAT and crypto payment methods



  • Best P2P trading experience
  • Low 5% selling fee
  • No trade holds for Rust skins
  • 5,000+ daily active users for fast P2P trades


  • KYC is mandatory
  • No live chat

5. Skinport: Best for Buying Premium Rust Skins

SkinPort Rust Skins

Who Should Trade at Skinport?

  • If you want to buy rare and premium Rust skins and items
  • If you want to buy out-of-stock skins
  • If you want to make fast trades at any time of the day
  • If you are trading Rust skins and items from the EU



  • Buy rare and premium Rust skins at excellent prices
  • 200K+ daily visitors ready to trade 24/7
  • Massive savings for buyers thanks to the 0% buying fee
  • 100% EU Compliant
  • Instant Cashout available


  • Low pricing for sellers
  • 12% selling fee

6. WaxPeer: P2P Trading Alternative

WaxPeer Rust

Who Should Trade at WaxPeer?

  • If you want a P2P trading platform other than ShadowPay
  • If you want to rely on cryptocurrencies for P2P trades
  • If you want to list your skins on other marketplaces at the same time



  • Outstanding P2P trading experience
  • You can keep using your Rust skins and items while you wait for a trade
  • You can list your Rust skins and items on other marketplaces
  • Fast and efficient live chat support


  • Selling fee is higher than ShadowPay (5.90%)
  • Only crypto available for deposits and cashout

7. Skins.Cash: Instant Cashout Alternative

Skins.Cash Rust

Who Should Trade at Skins.Cash?

  • If you want to cash out your skins immediately in crypto
  • If your Rust skins and items have been rejected by SkinCashier
  • If you don’t like the prices offered by Skincashier for your skins and items



  • Instantly cash out your Rust skins
  • Best for cashing out in crypto
  • Sell your Rust skins fast 24/7


  • Limited FIAT cashout options
  • Some Rust skins might not be approved

How We Select our Recommended Rust Trading Sites for 2023

Our research, analysis, testing and selection process has required over 100 hours of active work, and here’s how we have invested our time and resources to build this ranking:

Reputation and History

All of our recommended sites must have a majority of positive reviews and ratings versus complaints. Simply put, they must have a clean record and be trusted, supported and loved by the Rust trading community, with these sites allows you to trade rust skins instantly.


High liquidity is the lifeblood of a proper Rust trading site because it guarantees that you can trade, buy and sell fast any type of Rust items and skins regardless of their type or price. Because our recommended sites have thousands of daily active users and plenty of ready-to-trade items on the marketplace, you can trade rust skins instantly by using a Rust trade bot which is completely safe on all Rust Skins trading sites that we have provided. You will find that a lot of these websites also have many different payment options so rest assured you will be trading rust skins on a secure platform that will allow fast transactions and low fees. Your Rust virtual items can be bought and sold at well if needed due to these sites having a massive user base. Rust skins trading has never been easier, due to the best trading websites that have been provided.

Our recommended sites such as DMarket, Skinport and register 60,000-200,000 daily visitors ready to buy, sell and exchange. You will always find users willing to trade with you via the bot or P2P. And if you wish to cashout, then sites like SkinCashier and Skins.Cash will be ready to trade rust skins for real money ASAP 24/7. So why not start trading rust skins today?

Variety and Stock of Rust Skins

A proper Rust trading site needs to have an optimal variety of skins and items available for trading. For example, DMarket has over 38,000 active offers right now, and the rest of our recommended sites follow the same standard. Because even when the Steam Market has no stock for certain skins or items, you will find them at the best rust trading websites that we have provided for you.

You can use our sites to trade the most common and affordable skins and items to the most expensive and rare picks such as the “Alien Relic SMG”, “Big Grin”, “Tempered MP5”, and the “Horror Bag”. And perhaps some day you might even find a “Punishment Mask” or “Metal Tree Door” available for trading!


We have selected sites for both buyers and sellers of Rust skins and items. Sites like Skinport and keep prices 25-50% lower than Steam, bringing you exceptional buying opportunities. Whereas DMarket favors Steam-like prices, making it an ideal choice for sellers that are looking to earn more money and buy skins for great prices for their in game items and rust inventory.

Keep in mind that Rust trading sites specialized on cashouts such as SkinCashier and Skins.Cash will offer prices considerably lower than Steam, but it’s the tradeoff for turning your skins and items quickly into real money.

Trading Fees

After analyzing the different fees structure and ranges that all the Rust trading sites charge, we have selected the platforms with the lowest fees for buying and selling. Sites like DMarket keep the selling fee at 3%, to help you maximize your profits. And when it comes to buying, the majority of our recommended sites keep the buying fee at 0%. This will keep the skin prices low and will ensure that when you are on these Rust trading platforms you will not lose out on your own money on a high transaction fee.

Note: When trading at our selected sites, you can forget about hidden fees. You will only pay what’s advertised when trading on a trusted trading site that is placed on our site, so don’t be caught out by other platforms.

Types of Trading Available 

We have selected sites for each type of trading: Bot, P2P and Cashout. If you want to trade Rust skins fast and easy, you can rely on the efficient bot trading system that sites like, Skinport, and DMarket offer. Whereas if you want to trade peer-to-peer, ShadowPay and WaxPeer will bring you the liquidity and variety for smooth and profitable trades on trading websites when it comes to buying and selling skins on the best rust trading websites.

If you want to cashout skins instantly, we have dedicated sites like SkinCashier and Skins.Cash ready to turn your skins and items into real money via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT, amongst others.

We have only chosen the best rust trading site that will excel in all types of Rust trading and sites that accepts Rust Skins. You can rely on our recommendations for a superb cashout, trade bot and P2P trading experience to trade Rust skins.

Online Security

Our recommended sites are equipped with an SSL certificate to encrypt communications and information, systems to combat DDoS attacks and a dedicated online security team ready to solve any issue right on the spot. And you can also make use of features such as Two Factor Authentication to further protect your account.

Customer Support

We have selected sites that can bring you a helpful customer support service via live chat, email or over the phone. They also have a F.A.Q section and a Knowledge Base to solve your questions automatically.

What Are Rust Trading Sites and How Do They Work?

They are specialized platforms where you can trade Rust items and skins for other items and skins, or you can exchange them for real money in the form of FIAT or cryptocurrencies. You can also use trading sites to buy Rust items and skins available on the marketplace.

How Does Trading, Buying and Selling Work?

If you want to trade or sell Rust items and skins, you only need to log in via your Steam account, select the items you’d like to trade and then you can choose between exchanging them for real money or trading them for other skins or items. Rust trading sites allow you to complete this process via the platform’s bot Rust trade bot or via peer-to-peer, for the best rust trading.

You can also buy Rust items and trade skins at these trading sites. Visit the Marketplace, select the items or skins you’d like to buy and then complete the purchase process. The platform will be in charge of processing the transaction, by delivering to you the skins/items you’ve just purchased, and crediting the seller’s account with the money you’ve just paid.

Rust trading sites work in a similar fashion to conventional trading platforms and brokers such as eToro, Fidelity, and Binance because they provide the necessary liquidity and functions to make the exchange of Rust items and skins dynamic, efficient and practical when you want to trade Rust skins conveniently and efficiently. We have made sure that all of the trading websites provide the best Rust trading methods to date by ensuring that you can sell skins in a fluid trading process on the best platform.

How to Trade Rust Items and Skins on Our Recommended Platforms

If you don’t know how to trade Rust items and skins, let’s fix it with this quick tutorial:

  • Choose a Rust trading site from our ranking and sign up
  • Log in via your Steam account
  • Select Rust
  • Choose the Rust items and skins you want to trade
  • Trade them via P2P or by using the platforms’ bot.

You can use this method to trade your skins and items for other items that you would like to get. On the other hand, you can also sell them for real money for instant cashout.

If you are here to trade Rust in game skins for other items, then if the value of the items is the same, then you can complete the trade instantly. If the value of the item you want to trade is lower than your item’s, then you will get the difference in the form of credits in your account balance.

If you want to buy Rust items and skins, here’s the process you need to follow:


  •  Choose a Rust trading site from our ranking and sign up
  • Log in via your Steam account
  • Visit the Rust Marketplace
  • Select the Rust items or skins you would like to buy
  • Click on “Buy” and complete the process.


Now you know how to trade, sell and buy Rust items and skins at our recommended sites. Now simply choose a site from our ranking and start trading because there are plenty of profitable opportunities waiting for you.


For more information about Rust items and skins trading, and our recommended platforms, we invite you to check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best Rust skin trading site?

DMarket is the best Rust skin trading site in 2023 because you can buy and sell your skins and items fast and with minimal fees thanks to the high liquidity and variety that this platform offer and many other trading platforms where you can start trading skins

Are Rust skins instantly tradable?

Yes, you can instantly trade Rust skins on our recommended sites. All of your skins and items will be ready to trade with other users via P2P or if they’re available using the platform’s bot. Remember that this will depend on the item and the trading method you choose. If you are using a trading bot to trade skins on the best Rust trading websites that offer bot trading you can receive a trade offer instantly and sell your skin instantly. Alternatively, you can sell your skins to other Rust players by using P2P. So this will ensure that there will be trade offers no matter what trading process you want to pursue to trade skins on the best Rust trading websites.

Can I sell Rust skins for real money?

Yes, you can sell your skins and items for real money by trading them on our recommended sites. You can turn your Rust items into real money via PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfers or cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, USDT, ETH, amongst others. There are many deposit and withdrawal options available when it comes to buying skins and selling skins. So no matter what payment method you require there will be platform offers that will cater to your every need starting from your first trade for a low transaction fee for all of your payment options. Bear in mind you will need to provide your steam trade URL which is also safe along as you choose a site from our trusted list. If you are lucky enough to earn a good profit you can also find yourself earing free Rust skins.

Is Rust trading legal?

Yes, you can trade Rust skins and items legally in the majority of countries and jurisdictions. It’s worth noting that some regions might not consider Rust trading a lawful activity, and thus it’s necessary for you to check your local laws before you join and use our recommended sites.

Can you get banned if you trade at third party Rust trading sites?

No, you can trade your items and skins at our recommended Rust trading sites and you won’t get banned. Because we have tested them, and the community agrees with us because they have the necessary systems and filters to reduce the risk of a possible ban of your Rust account.