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Introduction to TradeIt GG

Is TradeIt GG a legit and recommended platform for trading, buying and selling CS:GO skins? To answer this question, we’ve thoroughly analyzed this skins trading site to let you know all about it: pros, cons, fees, payment methods, who should use it and more.

We will explore all about TradeIt GG so we can help you make the best possible decision for buying, selling and trading your CS:GO and Rust skins.


Graphic TradeIT

TradeIt GG was created in August 2017 and it became one of the first platforms to support CS:GO skins trading, allowing users from around the world to buy, sell and exchange skins in a couple of clicks. Nowadays it registers over 1,700,000 monthly visits and a highly active marketplace with over 133,000 listed offers.

It was created by Jimi Gecelter, along with other popular trading sites such as, and both belong to the same group: Zen Gaming. Since 2015, this company has been developing services and solutions to allow users to easily buy, sell and exchange in-game items from games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, Rust, amongst others.

Nowadays has become Zen Gaming’s flagship in the industry of skins and in-game items trading thanks to its solid and large customer base and strong presence in the market. And despite the massive competition in the sector, TradeIt GG remains as one of the leaders, especially for those focused on skin-for-skin trading.


Thanks to being one of the pioneers in the industry, TradeIt GG has managed to become a reference in the industry since its creation, nowadays receiving over 1.7M monthly visitors and registering hundreds of trades per day.

A Highly Active Market

The biggest proof of’s popularity lies in how active the market is, because there are over 113,000 listed offers that sum a total of $1,600,000+ USD and offer over 10,000 different CS:GO skins and items. It means that there’s plenty of liquidity and an excellent variety of in-game items for buying, selling and exchanging.

This outstanding variety and liquidity allows the bot to execute the trades smoothly, allowing you to sell your CS:GO skins faster than at other skins trading sites. And because they mainly cater to collectors, your offers will be in front of the right public.

A Solid Presence on Social Media

Because it’s one of the oldest CS:GO trading sites, they have managed to build a solid following on social media:

  • Facebook: 23,000+ followers
  • TikTok: 27,000+ followers
  • Twitter: 101,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 33,000+ followers
  • Discord: 13,000+ members

It has a massive social media following and it’s a proof of how much skins traders love this platform, as their posts reflect high levels of engagement. 

And people also follow them because they constantly release new promos and offers, so it makes sense to join now and follow them on social media to take advantage of these bonuses.

A Popular and Legit Skins Trading Site

TradeIT.GG Trust Pilot boasts an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 at, with over 13,700 reviews, making it one of the most reputable and legit skins trading sites in the industry. 

The 90% of reviews rate it with 5 stars, remarking how easy it is to use the platform, the excellent bonuses they offer, how transparent they are with pricing and fees, and how fast the Instant Sell function is.

If we head over to Reddit, we’ll find a similar situation. It has thousands of threads dedicated to it and users agree that it’s a legit and trustworthy trading site.

Market Type

TradeIt GG is a classic bot-powered marketplace where all the sales, purchases and trades are automatic. You need to deposit the CS:GO skins you wish to trade into the inventory of the bot, to allow it to execute the transactions immediately. 

This system improves the trading experience as it makes the purchases and sales automatic after setting your price, but you cannot list the skins on other marketplaces or use them in the game. This is the unique downside, but if you prefer smooth and easy trades, then TradeIt GG can offer it.

The Available Trade Modes at Trade It GG’s Market

Trade It GG supports the following trade mode via its bot:

  • Cash Trading: Buy and sell skins for real money
  • Skin for Skin Trading: Exchange your skins for new ones
  • Instant Sell: Instantly turn your skins into real money via crypto

Keep in mind that you can sell your skins for real money, but you cannot cash it out. You can only use this balance to buy other skins on the platform.

This is why we recommend to those interested in skin-for-skin trading, collectors and traders focused on selling skins at their highest peak to buy other skins afterwards. Because it’s limited when it comes to cash trading, as you cannot cash out your wallet balance unless you opt for Instant Sell.

Buying & Selling Fees

This platform has a unique fee structure for transactions on the marketplace: 2% + $0.05 USD. And depending on the rarity and trade hold of your skins, you might have to pay an extra 0-13% on the transaction.

It can be a rather expensive platform for premium items on a trade lock, however it’s cheap for simpler skins with no trade lock. You should take this into account at the hour of comparing against other platforms.

About the Instant Sell Fee

TradeIt GG also offers you the option to instantly turn your CS:GO skins and items into real money, allowing you to receive the funds immediately via crypto. However, the downside here is that you’ll have to pay a 60% fee + $10 for every Instant Sell. 

We know that this is a very high fee, but this is the standard amongst skins Instant Cashout sites. And is one of the most affordable options because some sites can charge as much as 80%.

Deposit & Payout Methods

Here you have a complete overview on the available deposit, payout and Instant Sell payment methods.

Available Deposit Methods

Here’s how you can fund your account at

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether (USDT)
  • USD Coin
  • iDEAL
  • Bancontact

The minimum deposit via all of these payment methods is $5 and it’s credited instantly. You can also claim a 35% deposit bonus. This is one of the reasons why is incredible for skin-for-skin trading and for collectors, because this bonus will allow you to buy even more skins and items.

Available Payout Methods

TradeIt GG doesn’t support direct withdrawals, because you can only use your wallet balance to buy new skins or fund new trades. This is a major downside because other platforms, even the most regulated ones, at least support one withdrawal method such as SEPA or SWIFT bank wire. 

This is a downside in our book because it means that your cash trading experience won’t be complete. However, has always been aimed at those interested in skin-for-skin trading and collectors of skins and items.

Available Instant Sell Methods

The only way by which you can turn your skins into real money is via Instant Sell. You can receive the money for your skins via Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT or USD Coin. Therefore, we recommend you to set up your crypto wallet beforehand to speed up the process.

Fortunately, issues instant crypto payments immediately, so you can receive your payment within 5-10 minutes, as it depends on the speed of the network you selected. If you want to get your money the fastest, then we recommend you to opt for USDT instant sell.


  • Outstanding variety of in-game items for skin-for-skin trading
  • Sell your skins and items faster than at other platforms
  • Generous welcome bonuses and promotions for existing traders
  • Multiple deposit payment methods
  • Great prices for buyers
  • Instant Cashout available via crypto


  • You cannot withdraw your wallet balance unless you use Instant Sell
  • Instant Sell charges a fee of 60% or higher
  • Transactions fees can be as high as 15%

Verdict: Should You Trade at TradeIt GG?

Here you have a list of the scenarios where it’s an excellent idea to trade at TradeIt GG:

  • If you’re mainly interested in skin-for-skin trading
  • If you want to buy rare and premium CS:GO skins at fair prices
  • If you want to sell certain skins and items at their highest peak because you plan to re-invest this money into buying other cosmetics
  • If you need money ASAP and you don’t mind paying a higher commission rate for converting your skins into real money via cryptocurrencies

On the other hand, if you’re mainly interested in cash trading and withdrawing your wallet balance in real money, be it eWallets, bank transfers or crypto, then TradeIt GG won’t be the right choice for you.