Is ShadowPay Legit 2023 – Our Full Review Here

Introduction to ShadowPay

Shadow Pay Review 2023

With less than 3 years in the market, ShadowPay is a novel platform for trading skins peer-to-peer (P2P) that is quickly dominating this sector. Thanks to its fast trades (15 min or less), immediately tradable skins, 5% fee and growing variety of skins for CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust, it’s bringing a superior P2P trading experience that’s gaining new fans every day.

Shadowpay is a great site for buying and selling skins and is very popular in comparison to other third-party marketplaces. Many people always ask is Shadowpay legit? to buy skins and sell items. Read on more to find out about this popular platform especially when it comes to trading CS:GO skins.

Shadowpay presents a popular website that boasts a fantastic market with a plethora of withdrawal methods that will allow you to sell skins and withdraw the profit to your bank account rest assured every trade offer that partakes in every moment on Shadowpay is legit, with many skins on the website being listed for good prices the platforms offer a wide array of skins at your disposal, especially CSGO skins many users find Shadowpay to be great platform to buy and sell skins.

Check out our review to find out if you should trade at ShadowPay because we will let you know everything about it: pros, cons, fees, types of trading, and payment methods when it comes to buying skins or simply selling skins at Shadowpay.


ShadowPay and the Shadowpay details were created in August 2021 Who owns Shadowpay? currently, it is under the ownership and control of Amazing Place PTE. Limited, and Shadowpay located a Singapore-based company. This trading site was created with the goal of allowing people to trade CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust skins and in-game items peer-to-peer without absurd restrictions, that you may find dealing directly from your Steam account.

This is why it enables full-featured crypto transactions for deposits and withdrawals while driving highly-targeted traffic that has allowed it to reach a total marketplace value of $3.3M, attracting even more traders, buyers and sellers selling skins to join the platform at Shadowpay as players often prefer trading on third-party platforms than on the Steam Market as buyer and as a seller, as the platform offers trading for real Money unlike steam the steam marketplace and website which is a popular feature


ShadowPay is still lagging behind established skins trading sites such as DMarket, CS.MONEY and SkinBaron, but despite being less than 3 years old, it’s already imposing its presence on the market with its users.

  1. Monthly Traffic: 119,000+ visits
  2. TrustPilot Rating: 4.2/5.0
  3. TrustPilot Reviews: 390+
  4. Twitter Followers: 14,000+
  5. Reddit Threads: 240+
  6. Steam Threads: 530+

There’s no doubt that ShadowPay is quickly becoming one of the main skins trading sites for CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust fans thanks to its great prices, smooth P2P transactions, an outstanding variety of offers and highly-targeted traffic that is interested in buying, selling and exchanging skins and items. ShadowPay does not have many negative reviews and is reviewed great TrustPilot to purchase items and sell items with its peer-to-peer system, and opposes a great alternative to selling on the regular Steam Market as you can withdraw your money for your skins to your bank card or bank account on the platform. So feel free to start selling today with other users at Shadowpay with its popular platform. You will also find that the site offers a bonus code and sometimes a promo code, so if you want to trade CSGO skins and other skins you can get good offers depending on the date you start trading with users.

A Rapidly Growing and Valuable Marketplace

Despite receiving roughly the 10-20% of monthly traffic that giants like DMarket, SkinBaron and CS.Money, its market has an outstanding number of 200K+ active offers, with a total value of $3.3M. It means that there are plenty of active traders and lots of valuable offers 24/7, and here you have a comparison table to understand it better:

ShadowPay DMarket CS.MONEY SkinBaron
Monthly Traffic 119,000 3,900,000 3,700,000 888,000
Number of Listed Offers 248,000 891,000 199,000 1,500,000
Total Value of Marketplace $3,300,000 $5,500,000 $3,900,000 $4,200,000
Ratio of Traffic to Marketplace Value 27.73 1.41 1.05 4.72
Ratio of Number of Listed Offers to Marketplace Value 13.30 6.17 19.59 2.80

ShadowPay has an outstanding Ratio of Traffic to Marketplace Value and Ratio of Number of Listed Offers to Marketplace Value, which proves that this trading site receives high-quality traffic that is bought into exchanging, buying and selling CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust skins.

Therefore, we recommend you to join ShadowPay because you will have a high chance at selling your CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust skins regardless of the price tag. They’re driving highly-targeted traffic that will help you to make more sales.

ShadowPay Review Screenshot

Market Type

ShadowPay is a P2P trading site for buying, selling and exchanging CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust skins and items. You can your skins and items directly with other users from your Steam inventory. The seller gets more control but the buyer has to wait more time when buying a skin because the seller has to manually approve all the transactions. Fortunately, ShadowPay has come with a solution to this problem: a browser extension and a mobile app.

Shadow Pay Market

ShadowPay is Revolutionizing the P2P Trading of Skins and Items

Because ShadowPay is aware of the drawbacks of P2P trading for buyers, it has developed a browser extension and mobile app, to make it easier for to approve transactions quickly. And based on the reviews and comments found on Reddit, TrustPilot and Steam, their solutions are working. Because now buyers can receive their CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust skins and items faster.

ShadowPay has successfully created an automated purchasing system that preserves the essence of P2P trading while using the best aspects of bot-based trading. It makes transactions much smoother for both parties.

P2P Trading Favorable to Buyers

ShadowPay lives by this promise: “Elevate your in-game experience by trading your beloved virtual assets at unbeatable rates”. And we’ve found it to be true because the prices are much cheaper than Steam,

Buying & Selling Fees

ShadowPay charges a 5% fee and a 0% buying fee, making it an affordable P2P trading site at first glance. Nonetheless, it also charges a 5% fee on each payout, elevating the costs significantly if you want to cash out your profits, especially if you want to transact frequently at ShadowPay.

A Unique Fee for All Types of Transactions

Unlike other skins and in-game items trading sites, ShadowPay charges the same fee regardless of the value of the skins/items or type of memberships. Making it suitable for trading both common and cheap skins as well as rare and expensive ones.

About the Hidden Instant Sell Fee

Even though it’s a 100% P2P trading site, ShadowPay also offers the option to cash out your skins and items via Instant Sell. However, it charges an outrageous fee of 65%, making it more expensive than other skins cashout sites such as Skins.Cash and SkinCashier.

This is why we recommend you to use ShadowPay just for trading and items, because the Instant Sell service is way too expensive and you have better options out there on another website.

Deposit & Payout Methods

As we mentioned before, the platform charges a 5% fee on payouts but it keeps the deposit fee at 0% (keep in mind that your chosen payment method might charge fees though). And it offers the following payment methods for deposits and withdrawals:

Payment Methods Deposit Withdrawal
Visa (Credit Card and Debit Card) Yes Yes
MasterCard (Credit Card and Debit Card) Yes Yes
BTC Yes Yes
LTC Yes Yes
USDT Yes Yes
ETH Yes Yes
BNB Yes Yes
Bitcoin Cash No Yes
Steam Skins (CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust) Yes No
ShadowPay Wallet Card Yes No
Tipalti No Yes

It’s one of the best P2P skins trading sites in terms of smooth deposits and payouts because you have 100% cryptocurrency support via LTC, BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, and BCH. Despite charging a steep payout fee, it’s a trading site that will allow you to manage your money as you wish on the website.

ShadowPay Payment Method


  • Trade skins and items via P2P easily
  • Trade CS:GO, Dota 2 and Rust skins and items fast
  • Highly targeted traffic that is likely to buy, sell and exchange skins
  • Fast and smooth P2P transactions
  • 100% cryptocurrency support for deposits and withdrawals
  • Low prices for buyers
  • Mobile app to trade, buy and sell skins and items anywhere 24/7
  • Outstanding customer support service


  • 5% commission on payouts
  • 65% commission for Instant Sell

Verdict: Should You Trade at ShadowPay?

Yes, if you want to trade CS:GO, Rust and Dota 2 skins and items.

Because it charges a low fee, and thanks to its high marketplace value and highly targeted traffic, it will help you to make more smooth, quick and profitable trades. Simply click on the website and you will find many skins that you can purchase at any given moment, the platform offers great website support for its users link your Steam with ShadowPay and go through and get your ShadowPay KYC completed.  You can then start trading right away! Remember you can always withdraw your balance to your bank, unlike the Steam Market!