Is Rolimons Legit 2023 – Our Full Review Here

Rolimon’s Roblox

If you want to trade Roblox items, then Rolimons is probably the best place to get started because you can find thousands of available trade offers, a large variety of items, attractive prices for buyers and sellers, and outstanding deals up to 30% off.

We say probably because you need to compare both the pros and cons, and this Rolimons Roblox review will bring you a complete analysis of this platform in all the relevant areas such as buying/selling fees, popularity and liquidity, prices, amongst others. 

Rolimons Website

Keep reading to learn more about Rolimons and if it’s the platform you should use to trade your Roblox items.

History of Rolimons was created by the Roblox user “Rolimon” in 2017, to help the community get stats, analytics and resources about Roblox items, especially Limiteds, to make it easier for everyone to trade smartly and safely. 

“Rolimon” started collecting data about Roblox items and publishing it on in the form of charts to easily share with other users key data such as the real value of the item, their ROI potential and if the item is projected. 

The website eventually jumped from only providing statistics and analytics to offering a wide myriad of solutions for Roblox traders:

  • Trade Ads section for buying, selling and exchanging Roblox items easily
  • Catalog with thousands of items available for trading
  • A section dedicated to leaks about the latest items yet to be released
  • Groups for meeting like-minded Roblox traders and gamers
  • Deals sections for finding discounts on Roblox items for up to 30% off
  • A section dedicated to the different games you can play on Roblox

It has been growing steadily since 2017, and nowadays it’s the most complete and trusted Roblox trading site with over 2M monthly active users and 2,000+ open trades every day.

Pros / Cons
  • Roblox Statistics
  • Roblox Item Values
  • Roblox Trade Ads

    Popularity of Rolimons

    Rolimons is the most popular Roblox trading site in 2023 because it registers over 2 million visits per month according to SimilarWeb, with thousands of daily active users who post trade ads every minute. If you want fast trades, then the popularity of Rolimons will favor you.

    The Stats that Prove Rolimon’s Massive Popularity

    Their Discord server has over 170,000 users, from which 3,000-5,000 are online at any time day of the day. Another proof of their superior popularity amongst the Roblox trading community.

    When it comes to additional websites and social media, here you have the numbers that support Rolimon’s outstanding popularity:

    • Reddit: 1,000+ threads dedicated to Rolimons
    • Roblox’s Dev Forum: 400+ pages dedicated to Rolimons
    • Twitter: 35,000+ followers

    As you can see, Rolimons is the most popular and liquid Roblox trading platform in 2023. Because it can help you to find over 2,000 daily active trade offers ready for you to buy, sell or exchange Roblox items.

    Market Type of Rolimons: The Craigslist of Roblox Trading

    Rolimons is dedicated to providing statistics, resources and analytics to the Roblox trading community, and that includes a dedicated section to Trade Ads. You can find over 2,000 active offers every day to buy, sell or exchange Roblox items.

    Rolimons Trading

    Limited by Roblox

    Because there is no option to immediately cashout Roblox items into real money, Rolimons cannot operate like Dota 2, CS:GO or Rust trading platforms. It works like a Craigslist where users can publish their ads to find other users willing to trade.

    This is not Rolimon’s fault because they’re limited by Roblox itself, which only allows users to exchange Roblox items or to sell them for Robux, and turning this in-game currency into real money requires using the Developer Exchange (DevEx).

    Buying & Selling Fees at

    Rolimons doesn’t charge fees for buying or selling Roblox items because their service is running a database of users who actively seek to trade, buy or sell Roblox items, and connect you with such traders for easy and smooth transactions.

    Rolimons trading platform

    Once you find a trade offer you like, click on “Send Trade” and you will have to continue the transaction on Roblox. You need to buy Premium to complete the trade ($4.99-$19.99 per month) and pay the corresponding fees if you include some Robux (30%). 

    Deposit & Payout Methods

    Rolimons is a platform where you can publish and find Trade Ads to buy, sell or exchange Roblox items. You don’t have to make any deposit on Rolimons to get started, and if you want to buy or sell Roblox items, then you will have to use Robux.

    Robux, as the in-game currency of the game, needs to be exchanged for real money, and as of now, you can rely on the Developer Exchange (DevEx) by Roblox to turn your Robux into cash. 


    Here you have the benefits that Rolimons will offer you as a Roblox trader:

    • Find 2,000+ trade offers every day
    • Buy and sell Roblox items without paying fees
    • Largest variety of Roblox items available for trading
    • Highest rated and most trusted Roblox trading site
    • Daily deals up to 30% off for profitable trades.


    Here you have the few downsides you should consider before trading at Rolimons:

    • There’s no trading bot because you need to complete the trade on Roblox
    • No immediate cashout.

    In conclusion, Rolimons is the best website for trading Roblox items because you have 2,000+ active offers every day and thousands of users willing to buy, sell or exchange the Limiteds you want.


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