Is RBLX Trade Legit 2023 – Our Full Review Here

Introduction to RBLX Trade

Rolimons’s closest competitor, RBLX Trade is home to 1,200+ daily trade offers for all sorts of Roblox items, and with over 60K daily visitors, it’s a liquid, efficient and practical Roblox trading site. Along with its insightful statistics on millions of unique items and data points from the Roblox platform, it’s quickly becoming the go-to hub for Roblox traders around the world.

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History of RBLX Trade

RBLX Trade started its operations in 2019 after seeing the massive popularity and success of Rolimons, a leader in the world of Roblox items trading. In the beginning, it offered exclusive statistics and data from Roblox to help the community know more about millions of unique items, especially about collectives.

However, given the rising popularity of Roblox, they enabled extra tools such as a trade calculator, algorithms to automate value changes, leaderboards, and a fully dedicated Trade Ads section. Acting like a P2P trading site, it helps thousands of Roblox traders to find exclusive deals and opportunities for trading Roblox items.

Nowadays, it competes closely with Rolimons, RBLX Vault, and RBLX Rocks, by bringing data about 116M+ unique items and over 92M players, while hosting over 1200 active trade ads every day.


RBLX Trade is a main player in the Roblox trading scene because it receives 1.9M monthly visitors and has over 100K active users in their Discord. It tracks over 92M players and 116M unique items, making it a popular resource for Roblox traders thanks to its precise and insightful data.

This Roblox trading website is relying mainly on its Discord to keep growing, because its Twitter has a little over 2,000 followers, a number that falls short when compared to Rolimons’s massive following of 35,000 followers.

You can find over 1,200 active trade ads every day, offering all types of Roblox items, both cheap and expensive. And this clearly shows how popular RBLX Trade is – because you can find thousands of trade offers 24/7.

Market Type

RBLX does not process trades. It allows traders to publish their ads and the trades will take place on Roblox. We can define RBLX Trade’s market type as P2P (peer-to-peer) because you are trading directly with another user, with no intervention of the platform. 

Rblx Trade how to

They do not use a bot for trading Roblox items because the Roblox platform itself makes it impossible. Unless the Roblox Corporation changes how they operate the game, this will be the unique way of trading Roblox items until further notice.

Buying & Selling Fees

RBLX Trade doesn’t charge fees for buying or selling Roblox items because it is a platform where you can publish your trade ads for free. As we mentioned before, RBLX is similar to a P2P skins trading platform, hence you only have to pay the fees to Roblox. Here is a breakdown on the expenses:

  • Premium Sub: $4.99-$19.99
  • Roblox Fees: 30%

Deposit & Payout Methods

Because RBLX.Trade only publishes Trade Ads, it doesn’t offer deposit or payout methods. On the other hand, since the trades will take place on Roblox, you can make deposits via debit/credit card, PayPal, prepaid cards and Roblox gift cards. And if you want to cash out your Robux, you can do it via the Developer Exchange (DevEx).


  • Trade fast with 1,200+ daily active offers
  • Trade Roblox items with no fees
  • Premium and unique Roblox items available for trading
  • Find daily deals for Roblox items up to 25% cheaper


  • No bot trading
  • Need to pay Roblox and Premium fees
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