How to Verify Lootbear Account: Get It Accepted in Record Time

Verify Lootbear Account

If you want to get access to all the services from Lootbear, you need to verify your account, so you can buy, sell, deposit, withdraw and rent without restrictions. We will help you to get your account verified and approved in record time – just check out our guide below to get started to get Lootbear verification, so you can buy, rend and sell rare and expensive skins with its unique concept. Lootbear has gained traction as it allows people to rent items for a monthly subscription fee, on an active Steam account. So why not start CSGO skin trading today and join the many repeat customers on the site with its original concept! Lootbear offers a Lootbear promo code for an even cheaper service!

What Documentation Do You Need for Lootbear Account Verification?

Lootbear will require you to present a specific set of verification, to approve your account and bring it access to all the services of their platform. this is due to risk evaluation and to improve your security level on the site, once you have passed the strict verification process which can take up to three days to process. You can then start renting more skins and earn money. You will find the prices on Lootbear to be ealot cheaper than the Steam analyst prices, as stated previously Lootbear has all the topics covered in comparison to many sites that provide a similar service, like the Lootbear website. As you can rent skins and even expensive skins.

Here you have the list of documents you’ll have to submit to verify your account to start the verification process on one of the best skins suppliers for a rare skin.

  • Government-issued national identity documentation, and
  • Credit/debit card information, and
  • Utility bills, or
  • Government letter, or
  • Bank statement, or
  • Phone bill, or
  • Paycheck document.

Basically, you have to prove your identity and address to approve the verification process. You might also have to disclose other types of information in case Lootbear considers it necessary.

Make sure to have this documentation at hand so you can complete the verification process quickly by using the fast account verification. For more information about this and other types of account verification on Lootbear, check the next section.

Types of Lootbear Verification

Lootbear has different types of account verification depending on the functions you want to unlock. Here you have a complete overview on all of them which is a three step process.

1. Fast Account Verification

Lootbear Fast Verification

This process will verify your identity and you have to complete it on the Lootbear mobile app. You’ll have to show your national identity document, a selfie and a selfie with your credit card. This will allow you to lift limits on deposits and you’ll be able to buy all the skins and items available on the marketplace.

2. Manual Account Verification Lootbear Manual Verification

If you don’t have a smartphone or prefer not to use your mobile device, you can opt for manual account verification. You’ll have to upload all the required documentation as per their instructions, so the human security team can review your application.

3. Withdrawal Verification

SkinMarkets Withdraw Verification

If you want to withdraw premium items and increase your purchase limits, you need to complete the withdrawal verification. On top of identity proof, you’ll also have to provide Lootbear with a proof of address and more details about your activities.

How to Verify Your Lootbear Account in 10 Steps

Here’s how you can complete your Lootbear account verification to lift all the limits and access all the services of the platform:

  1. Log into Lootbear via Steam
  2. Visit
  3. Select “Fast”
  4. Open the verification process on your mobile app by scanning the QR code
  5. Upload the required documentation
  6. Submit your verification request
  7. Wait for Lootbear to verify your account

If you don’t want to use your smartphone, then simply choose “Manual” to complete the account verification online without using the mobile app. You’ll have to upload all the documentation and then submit your request and then Lootbear handles the rest.

If you’re trying to withdraw premium skins and you want to purchase limits, then select “Withdraw” and then scan the QR code to complete the verification process on the mobile app.

If you have issues you can select the support icon.

Why Is Lootbear Account Verification Mandatory?

Because Lootbear needs to verify your identity to combat fraudulent activity on the platform such as money laundering, using stolen funds to buy and rent skins, or sell stolen skins on Lootbear.

Necessary to Unlock all the Services on Lootbear

Lootbear also requires to verify your account in order to unlock additional services such as:

  • Renting skins
  • Buying skins with a credit/debit card
  • Buying a Lootbear subscription plan
  • Withdraw premium skins
  • Increasing your deposit and withdrawal limits

Necessary to Create a Safe Trading Environment

This helps Lootbear to protect their platform and the customers who use it. By stopping certain individuals from introducing fraudulent funds and assets into Lootbear, they guarantee a safe skins and in-game items trading environment for everyone.

Necessary to Meet the Requirements of International Regulators

As a marketplace, Lootbear is obliged by law to comply with all the requirements and processes demanded by international regulators, and account verification and KYC is one of them. Because Lootbear is a lawful and reputable platform, they gladly comply with all the current international regulations to combat money laundering and identity theft, especially when it comes to Lootbear renting CSGO skins.

Necessary to Verify if You Have the Rights to Use the Payment Cards You Use on Lootbear

Because Lootbear wants to prevent chargebacks and dispute at all costs, as well as to prevent the fraudulent and criminal use of stolen or leaked payment cards, they need to verify that you have the right to use the credit/debit cards you want to use on the platform.

How Long Will Lootbear Take to Verify My Account?

Lootbear will take up to 24 hours to review your account verification and approve it. This process can take longer if you request it during the weekend because it can take from 48 to 72 hours. This is the case for manual verification you will need to make sure that you use the most updated verification photos and an up-to-date security number and you will need to provide your Steam trade URL to start skin trading and to earn money from skins.

If you want to speed up the process, you can opt for Fast account verification during weekdays. This way you can verify your account in 1-2 hours and get access to more services on Lootbear. The withdrawal verification also offers a similar waiting period.

Lootbear is a popular site for many skin owners as it is one of the few platforms that allows you to rent CSGO skins, with the rent risk level being very low.

Lootbear has evolved over time and is rapidly also becoming a great solution for CSGO players if you are looking to sell CSGO skins, as you can deposit skins with its adaptive machine learning system with a popular payment method available on the Lootbear website to buy skins, sell skins and renting skins for lower than market value. Then you can use a verifiable payment method once accepted and start skin rentals.

You should get a notification that your verification has been accepted, but if not you can always see the process in your account settings.

To login into Lootbear you can use the QR code scanner which makes for an easy login.

Lootbear FAQ

For more details about the Lootbear account verification process, check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

Is Lootbear account verification the same as KYC?

Yes, Lootbear account verification is the same as KYC because you have to submit proof of your identity such as a selfie and a photo of a government-issued national identity document. Furthermore, you also have to disclose information to verify your address and source of funds in certain cases.

Why won’t Lootbear accept my account verification?

Verification Declined

Lootbear won’t accept your account verification if your national identity document is expired if you didn’t take a selfie as per their instructions if you didn’t clearly show your national identity document or credit card, or if the system detected that you don’t have the rights to use the payment cards you use on Lootbear as many of the skins are big budget as you can trade your skins from your Steam inventory on the site.

If you believe this is an error, you can contact Lootbear customer support service by sending a support ticket. Lootbear will reply to your inquiry and review your case, and clearly detail the reasons why they’ve rejected your account verification.

If an issue arises you can always request manual verification.

Why can’t I get my proof of address verified on Lootbear?

If the address on the documents doesn’t match the address of your account on Lootbear, then the system will automatically reject it. If you don’t have access to a document that has the same address as the one on your account, you can try verifying your account manually or contact customer support.


Its often a simple process to get verified on Lootbear, this site offers a great way to earn money with CSGO skins. If you want to know even more about this popular platform, check out our in depth Lootbear review.