How to Trade CSGO Skins on GamerPay: Complete Guide to Buy, Sell and Exchange


Are you interested in joining GamerPay but you don’t know how to trade skins on its platform? Then this guide is exactly what you need. We’ll show you how to trade CS:GO skins on GamerPay, as a buyer and as a seller. 

We’ll explain to you how to buy and sell CS:GO skins, how to set up your own shop and how to take advantage of the Pre Deal feature to buy/sell trade-locked CS:GO cosmetics.

CS:GO Skins Trading Modes Available at GamerPay

Gamer Pay Trading Options

GamerPay offers you the following options when trading CS:GO skins and items:

  • Buy CS:GO skins
  • Sell CS:GO skins
  • Trade locked CS:GO items

Because GamerPay is a P2P CS:GO trading site, you don’t need to deposit your items into the platform’s inventory. You can list your CS:GO and keep using them, and you’ll also avoid the annoying trade locks.

A Pure P2P Trading Platform

GamerPay p2p Market

Since it’s a peer-to-peer platform, there are no instant transactions or automatic trades. You’ll need to confirm all the trades from your end, here’s how it works: 

  • If you buy a CS:GO skin at GamerPay, you’ll have to wait for the seller to accept the trade to receive your new item
  • If you sell a CS:GO skin, you’ll have to confirm the transaction to receive the payment and release the item to the buyer

Unfortunately, GamerPay doesn’t offer skin for skin trading. This platform only focuses on CS:GO cash trading, so you can only buy and sell skins. However, you can use this platform to buy skins at great prices, so you can exchange them for other skins on platforms that allow this type of trading.

How to Create and Set Up Your GamerPay Account to Trade CS:GO Skins

Before you can start buying and selling CS:GO skins at GamerPay, you need to create and set up your account properly. Here’s how you can do it.

Joining GamerPay

Visit the official GamerPay website by clicking here, and then just follow these instructions to join the trading site:

Create GamerPay Account

  1. Click on “Sign In”
  2. Click on “Sign Up with Steam”
  3. Fill out the required details
  4. Verify your account
  5. Start buying and selling CS:GO skins

Once you’ve filled out the signup form and you’ve verified your account, it’s time to link it to Steam so you can publish your offers and buy CS:GO skins.

Linking Steam to GamerPay

Gamerpay Trade Link

Now that your GamerPay account is active, here’s how you can link it to Steam to start buying and selling CS:GO skins on its platform:

  1. Log into your GamerPay account
  2. Click on your Profile tab
  3. Find the option to add your Steam tradelink
  4. Add the tradelink from your Steam account
  5. Add your Steam API key
  6. Click “Save Changes”

Gamerpay Steam API Key

Now that your account is officially linked to your GamerPay account, you can start trading CS:GO skins right off the bat. The purchases will be added directly into your Steam inventory, and you can list the available CS:GO skins from your inventory.

Additional Settings to Trade on GamerPay

Although they’re not mandatory to start buying and selling CS:GO skins on this platform, they will elevate your trading experience. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Link a payment method or fund your GamerPay wallet before hand
  2. Make sure to select the currency that works best for you
  3. Consider becoming Elite to pay zero fees and stand a chance at winning free CS:GO skins
  4. Complete the verification requirements such as uploading your verification documents so you can use your Wallet for buying CS:GO skins and receiving payments when selling skins and items

Buying CS:GO Skins at GamerPay

Your GamerPay account is now ready to start trading CS:GO skins, and here’s how you can start buying your favorite CS:GO cosmetics and items:

Gamerpay Buy Skins

  • Log into your GamerPay account
  • Click on “Buy”
  • Explore all the available CS:GO skins
  • Click on “Buy” if you want to purchase a CS:GO skin
  • Check the order details and choose your preferred payment method (Credit/debit card or GamerPay’s Wallet)
  • Click on “Buy”
  • Receive your new CS:GO skin within the expected delivery time.

If you want to get a shot at buying your favorite CS:GO skins at a lower price, you can click on “Bargain”, so you can negotiate with the seller.

Keep in mind that the transactions aren’t instantaneous because GamerPay is a P2P trading site. The traders need to approve all the transactions from their end, hence you might have to wait anywhere from 5 to 30+ minutes to receive your new CS:GO skin after completing the purchase.

How to Find the Best CS:GO Deals on GamerPay

Now that you know how to buy CS:GO skins on GamerPay, we need to take your experience to the next level by teaching you how to find the best deals. Here’s what you need to take into account:

  • Take your time to explore all the available CS:GO skins
  • Select your preferred CS:GO skins
  • Click on “Bargain” for all the skins you’d like to buy
  • Buy the ones that bring you the best discount.

Also, consider using GamerPay as a reliable source for buying excellent CS:GO cosmetics at low prices, which you can later sell on other platforms for a higher ROI. Because CS:GO trading arbitrage can yield decent profits, and GamerPay opens the doors to this opportunity.

Selling CS:GO Skins at GamerPay

GamerPay is also a great platform for selling CS:GO skins because it registers over 15,000 daily visitors, bringing you optimal levels of liquidity for fast sales at good prices. Here’s how you can start selling CS:GO skins:

  • Log into your GamerPay account
  • Click on “Sell”
  • Insert your Steam tradelink and API key if you haven’t done it yet
  • Select the CS:GO skins you want to sell and trade for cash
  • Now your CS:GO skins will be available on GamerPay’s marketplace
  • Wait for a user to purchase your CS:GO skins

If you want to boost your sales, then you need to take full advantage of all the features that GamerPay puts at your disposal. In the next section, we’ll explain to you how to set up your own shop.

In case you want to sell your skins faster, you can trade directly with GamerPay – here’s how you can do it:

  • Log into your GamerPay account
  • Click on “Sell”
  • Click on “Receive offer on inventory”
  • Wait for GamerPay to send you an offer
  • If you agree with the offer, then copy the CS:GO skins’ links 
  • Send GamerPay the links
  • List the CS:GO skins as a private listing for the agreed price from GamerPay’s offer
  • Press “List”
  • Send GamerPay the link from the private listing
  • Receive the payment for your skins

Creating Your Shop for Selling More CS:GO Skins

Gamerpay Shop

The possibility to create your own shop on GamerPay makes it stand out from other CS:GO trading sites. Because you can exhibit your skins, allow potential buyers to inspect them in 3D and hence this will help you to drive more sales for your CS:GO inventory. Here’s how you can create it now:

  • Log into your GamerPay account
  • Click on “Sell”
  • Select the CS:GO skins you want to sell and trade for cash
  • Click on “My Shop”
  • Copy the link of your shop and share it with other users

Don’t miss out on creating your own GamerPay shop because it will help you to sell more CS:GO skins in record time.

About Pre Deal: How to Trade Locked CS:GO Skins and Items

In August 2023, GamerPay introduced a new trading mode: Pre Deal. Because they understand how annoying it is not to be able to buy a CS:GO skin or item you want because it’s trade-locked, this new service solves this problem. Here’s how it works:

  1. As a seller, you simply list your CS:GO skins as normally and buyers can purchase your CS:GO cosmetics, and you can accept their offer once the trade lock expires
  2. As a buyer, you only need to find the trade-locked CS:GO skins you’d like to buy, send your offer and wait for the trade lock to expire. Then, the seller can accept your offer and proceed to transfer the CS:GO skin ASAP.

This is one of the features that makes GamerPay stand out from the rest of CS:GO trading platforms, because now even the trade locks can’t stop you from selling and buying the skins and in-game items you wish.



For further information on how to trade CS:GO skins on GamerPay, we invite you to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is it safe to buy CS:GO skins on GamerPay?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to buy CS:GO skins on GamerPay because the platform acts like an escrow between buyers and sellers. It will not mark the transaction as complete until you’ve issued the payment to the buyer and the buyer has released the CS:GO skin. 

Is skin for skin trading available on GamerPay?

No,  GamerPay doesn’t support skin for skin trading. This P2P platform only allows cash trading, which allows traders to buy and sell CS:GO skins for real cash.

Can you cash out on GamerPay?

No, there’s no instant cash out on GamerPay. If you sell CS:GO skins, the platform will instantly credit your account with the payment, but the withdrawal will take 1-5 business days.

What is the selling fee on GamerPay?

The selling fee on GamerPay is 0%, making it the unique CS:GO trading website in the industry that allows users to sell their CS:GO skins for free.