How to Rent CSGO Skins at Lootbear 2023: Step by Step Guide

Lootbear Renting CSGO Skins

If you’d like to get premium CS:GO skins at a fraction of their original price, then you need to join Lootbear now, because you can lend them and use them in the game without restrictions, all you need to do is pay every month and you can then start renting CSGO in game items.

We’ve created this tutorial to show you how to lend CS:GO skins at Lootbear in only 5 steps, and we’ve also included a guide on how to become a supplier and lend out your own CSGO Inventory to earn real cash for your rented items.

Keep reading as we explain how you start borrowing expensive skins as a user at Lootbear today one of the best sites for rented skin items!

Preparing Your Account for Renting CS:GO Skins at Lootbear

Preparing Your Account

Before you can start using rented products from other players at Lootbear, you need to prepare your account. Here you have the steps to follow.

Create Your Lootbear Account

Visit LooBear and click on “Get Started” to create your account. As a user, we recommend you to click on “Connect via Steam”, so you can create your account and link it to your Steam account at the same time. Fill out all the required information and then verify your account via email.

Lootbear Sign UpAfter that, you’ll have to enter your Steam trade URL and link a valid payment method. Now you only need to complete an extra step so you can start renting your favorite CSGO products, from another user, and join in on the trend of rented items.

Buy a Lootbear Subscription

Now it’s time to buy a Lootbear subscription, because it’s a requisite for being able to lend CSGO products from the Lootbear’s marketplace. Here you have the details about the available subscriptions for the service:

Select Subscription

Subscription Name Monthly Price Max. Simultaneous Rentals Max. Item Value
PRIME $9.99-$14.99 2 $400
Lootbear Ultra $29.99 5 $1200

Lootbear Ultra

If you want to purchase the Lootbear Ultra subscription, you’ll have to complete the Security Level 3 beforehand. It’s the maximum level of KYC verification. We recommend you complete it ASAP so you can take full advantage of all the benefits of rented products at Lootbear and really worth the investment as you can then borrow products that are worth a significant value and cost. For a small monthly cost. This provides lots of reason and value to your subscription as you can pay monthly and change your skin, hassle-free.

About the Free Trial of 14 days

Lootbear Try Free For A Week

In case you’re not ready to buy a subscription because you want to test it beforehand, then you can take advantage of the free trial of 14 days. During this period, you’ll be able to lend your favorite CS:GO skins. Once your free trial is coming to end, Lootbear will notify you so you can buy a paid subscription and continue borrowing your favorite CS:GO weapons to see if the investment is worth it to borrow expensive skins from other player’s on one of the best sites around. You can also get money for your rented-out weapons.

How to Rent CS:GO Skins at Lootbear in 5 Steps

You can borrow your first CS:GO products at Lootbear in only 5 steps, here you have our express tutorial on how you can do it right now:

Lootbear Skin Marketplace

1. Sign in Via Steam

Visit and sign in via Steam. If you’ve followed the steps we detailed in the previous section, your account will be ready for borrowing weapons at Lootbear.

2. Make Sure Your Account Is Ready

Double-check if you’ve already entered your Steam trade URL if you’ve linked a valid payment method and if you’ve purchased a subscription plan. It’s important to ensure everything is on point so you can rent smoothly as an example.

3. Visit the Rentals Section

Lootbear rentals Section

You can find the rentals section by going to Menu and then click on “Rentals”. You’ll access the Lootbear’s marketplace, where you can use the “Browse” function to explore all the available offers. With thousands of CS:GO skins available, you’ll find your ideal products right away for your money available. You will be able to see the skin available and its value. Lootbear has a lot of products available, no matter what skin you are after. By paying every month, to really reap the benefits of the rented weapons.

4. Select the Skins You Want to Rent

Select Skins

Once you find the skins you want to lend after exploring the marketplace, simply slide the bar on your selected skins and you’ll be able to lend them instantly. Because your subscription plan will cover the cost of the skins and allow you to lend a maximum of $150 to $1,200 worth of skins, you can get access to premium skins at a very low price which is great example of a great trading site, for those looking for a specific skin.

5. Start Using Your New CS:GO Skins

Now that your skins are in your account you can start using them during the agreed rental period. You can use them without restrictions in CS:GO, so now you can brag about your new skins to your teammates and friends.

How Does Renting CS:GO Skins Work?

How Does It Work

Lootbear makes it possible to rent CS:GO skins at a minimal price thanks to the monthly subscriptions. The monthly payments made by all the subscribed users feed a pool that serves the following purposes:

  • Paying skins suppliers a minimum monthly ROI of 3%
  • Paying Lootbear its share for allowing users to rent and rent out skins
  • Bringing enough liquidity to the Lootbear marketplace

With thousands of subscribed members, Lootbear has been running this scheme successfully since 2018. Because it simplifies the process to the bare minimum, so you can rent your skins with ease and pay every month for a small cost for a skin.

How to Rent out CS:GO Skins at Lootbear: Becoming a Supplier

Become a Supplier

In case you’re interested in becoming a supplier of skins at Lootbear, here you have an express tutorial on how to borrow out your CS:GO cosmetics on this platform.

1. Sign In Via Steam

If you haven’t created your account yet, then you can do it by choosing to “Connect via Steam”. In case you already have an account, just sign in via Steam so you can list the skins you want to borrow out. In case you haven’t done it, make sure to add your Steam trade URL.

2. Deposit Your Skins into Lootbear’s Marketplace


Go ahead and click on “Sell/Suppliers” to visit your inventory. Then, click on “Deposit” to select the products you’d like to borrow out, set the price for your times and click on “Deposit”. Lootbear will send you a trade offer and you only need to accept it to start borrowing out your skins.

3. Rent Out Your Skins and Start Making Money


Now that your skins are available on the marketplace, users will be able to borrow them from you and Lootbear will pay a share based on the value of the item. They guarantee a minimum monthly of 3%, and if your skins get stolen, then Lootbear will refund you 100% of the money, using the Steam price as its main source.


Lootbear Rental FAQ

For more information about how to rent CS:GO skins on Lootbear, here you have the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is it safe to rent skins at Lootbear?

Yes, Lootbear is a legit CS:GO website that protects both renters and suppliers. Thanks to the 100% refund guarantee, you’ll get refunded the original value of your skins if they get stolen.

What happens if you don’t return LootBear skins?

Lootbear will ban you from the platform, and it will proceed to refund the supplier the full value of the skins you didn’t return. Lootbear can take action against you, hence you should only join it if you’re legitimately interested in CS:GO skins and returning them when the time is due.

What’s the best skins renting website?

Lootbear is the best skins website because it has thousands of available offers, it provides protection to renters and owners, and its subscription-based system you can bet its easy to get premium skins at a fraction of their original value.

Can You Purchase CSGO Weapons from Lootbear?

Lootbear is one of the more unique sites and a perfect example of skin trading as it allows you to not only rent CSGO products, but you can also purchase high-value items that are worth a lot of money. You can sort by value of the product and popularity.