How to KYC On DMarket in 2023: Complete Guide

DMarket How to KYC

As the legit skins and in-game items trading platform that it is, DMarket requires all of their users to complete a KYC procedure for accessing all their services and functions. If you want to start trading at DMarket, but you don’t know how to do KYC, then this guide will share with you everything you need to know.

What Is KYC on DMarket?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and it’s a mandatory procedure that DMarket needs to complete to identify and verify their clients’ identities. The goal of this procedure is to prevent and combat fraud, money laundering and protecting users’ assets and in-game items. 

They will verify if you’re at least 18 years old, if the payment methods you’re using actually belong to you, if you’re really who you say you are, amongst other important details.

How to Complete the KYC Procedure on DMarket in 12 Steps

DMarket has engineered their KYC procedure to be intuitive and fluid. Here’s how you can complete it in only 12 steps:

  1. Enter your first name
  2. Enter your last name 
  3. Enter your date of birth
  4. Enter the number of your national identity document
  5. Enter your country of residence
  6. Enter your city and state of residence
  7. Enter your complete address
  8. Enter your postal code
  9. Enter the country where your identity document was issued
  10. Submit a photo of yourself holding your identity document along with a piece of paper with the word “DMarket” and today’s date written on it
  11. Attach your proof of address (ex: utility bills, government letter, bank statement, etc.)
  12. Send the KYC application for review.

Documents and Proofs You Need for KYC On DMarket

You’ll need to provide DMarket with a list of documents to complete the KYC procedure, and here you have the full list of proof that you’ll have to submit:

  • National ID, driver’s license or passport
  • Photos of your identity document
  • Selfie of you holding your identity document with a piece of paper with “DMarket” and today’s date written on it
  • Bank or credit card statement (if applicable) to prove your address
  • Utilities bills (if applicable) to prove your address
  • Telephone bills (if applicable) to prove your address
  • A letter issued by a bank or the government (if applicable) to prove your address

In short, you’ll have to submit an identity document along with a document that proves your address or residence. Make sure to submit them as regular photos, otherwise DMarket will decline your submitted documents. 

About KYC Additional Request Data

In some cases, DMarket might request you to submit additional data to complete the KYC procedure, especially when you’ve tried to use a credit or debit card for deposits or withdrawal. Here you have the complete list of additional requirements:

  • Submit a selfie holding your credit/debit card (you can cover the CVV)
  • Enter your card’s first 6 digits
  • Enter your card’s last 4 digits
  • Insert your DMarket email
  • Insert your DMarket public key

Keep in mind that this is a new stage of the KYC procedure, and will likely need an additional 24 hours for DMarket to bring you an answer.

Processing Time for KYC On DMarket

Officially, DMarket processes KYC in 24 hours or less, and according to our experience and research, this applies to the majority of cases. However, sometimes it can take longer in case your KYC application triggers an AML check.

In case your KYC review takes longer than 24 hours, you can contact DMarket’s customer support department and they will gladly bring you more details about your case. In case it gets declined, they’ll let you know exactly why your KYC application failed, and what you have to do to complete it successfully.

DMarket Verification History

About the KYC and AML Checks

An AML check stands for anti-money laundering check and DMarket uses it to protect the platform from engaging in criminal activity, be it directly or indirectly. The majority of jurisdictions consider AML checks as a mandatory procedure, and hence DMarket has to comply with it.

Can You Deposit and Withdraw Funds without KYC on DMarket?

Yes, you can use certain payment methods for deposits and withdrawals at DMarket without completing the KYC procedure. However, this means that your account will be restricted on the amount you can deposit and withdraw, and DMarket can request you to complete KYC to keep using the platform at any moment. Restricted payment methods that need KYC are credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, etc.).


If you want additional details about the KYC procedure on DMarket, we recommend you to check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What to do if my DMarket KYC was declined?

You can find the reasons why your KYC procedure has been declined on your email, or you can consult it by clicking on “Learn More” under the Verification tab. For further details, you should contact DMarket.

Is DMarket KYC safe?

Yes, DMarket KYC is safe because the company has been running since 2018 with a clean record, becoming one of the most reputable skins and in-game items trading platforms nowadays. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 on TrustPilot and over 25,000 reviews, thousands of users agree that DMarket KYC is 100% safe.

Do you need to complete KYC for using DMarket?

No, you don’t need to complete KYC if you don’t intend to withdraw or deposit USD. However, if you want to make deposits and withdrawals via debit/credit cards, you’ll have to complete the different stages of the KYC procedure.