How To Make Your Steam Profile Private or Public

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Steam Users can choose who they want to get access to their Steam profile and Steam account. The Steam account which contains information such as hours spent on a game, friends list and even game details such as the games that they own on their Steam accounts within the Steam community, to share with other users if wanted.

Changing Your Steam Profile Details

It is important to note once you set your Steam profile to private Steam profile, it will give you limited access to other members unless you change it to public visibility. The great thing is however you can have exceptions by only allowing your Steam friends or even close friends to view your Steam profile and game details. In this guide at SkinMarkets, we will show you how you can make your Steam profile public or private by choosing your privacy state. Which can always be edited on the Steam profile privacy settings page, by choosing what user can see your game details and played games.

How To Make Steam Profile Private

First, we will cover how to make your Steam profile a private profile.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are logged into your Steam account within the Steam application then navigate to the upper right corner to access the drop down menu and select View profile, which is by your profile name and profile photo.

View My Profile

Next you need to click on Edit Profile Link under your displayed badge.

Edit profile

then select Privacy Settings from the left-hand side menu. This will show you the status of your Steam account. By default, all Steam accounts are always set to public visibility automatically.

Click Privacy Settings

Make Steam Profile Private

To make your Steam profile private simply choose the Private option and it will be saved automatically when you make your Steam profile private.

How To Make Steam Profile Public

To make your Steam profile public simply select the option Public from the drop down menu and it will also be saved when making it a public profile. just like switching it to private.

Make Steam Account Public


We hope this has helped you with how you can edit your profile and make your Steam profile private or public.

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