How To Find Your Steam Trade URL

Finding Your Steam Trade URL

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve likely heard of Steam and its massive library of full games. With this platform, you can join up with friends, chat with other players, and even trade items with the Steam inventory. To get started with trading, which is a huge feature for Steam and its Marketplace. In this guide, we will cover how to find Steam Trade URL, which is very useful for third party trading sites to trade in game items as many items within this platform are tradable items.

Before you start trading from your Steam profile it’s always worth checking that your account is eligible to trade on Steam,You will also need Steam Guard enabled first as well. These first two steps are vital to make sure that your Steam account can utilise Steam trade requests.

To enable Steam trade requests will need to find your Steam Trade URL. In this article, we’ll review how to find your Steam Trade URL and use it to start making use of Steam trade offers with other Steam users.

How to Find Steam Trade URL In Seconds

If you are new to Steam, to find your Steam Trade URL, it is an easy process and can be found in the  Steam app and Steam client.

Step 1: Log Into Steam

Step 1 Log Into Steam and Click View Inventory


First Step you will need to log in and open Steam in the client. From then click the dropdown menu and click “Inventory.” Highlighted in the photo below:

Step 2:  Find “Trade Offers” on your Profile

Now that you are in your Steam profiles inventory, the next step is to click the “Trade Offers” button on the upper right. Highlighted in the photo below:

Step 2 Trade URL

Step 3: Find “Who Can Send Me Trade Offers”

Once you have clicked the trade offers page, you will need to click “Who can send me Trade Offers?” from the options on the right-hand side in. Which will show your Steam privacy settings and where you can edit privacy settings for trading, this will allow you to get rid of unwanted offers if needed. Highlighted in the photo below:

Step 3 Trade URL

Step 4: Copy Your Trade URL

Now you are on this page you will see three options “Friends,” “Trading Forums”, and “Third-Party Sites.” Your Trade URL will be located in the third-party sites section. As a User, you can copy the “Trade URL” which is a unique link below as this where you find your Steam Trade URL.

You can also recreate your Steam Trade URL this is handy if you become spammed or give your Trade URL to a Scammer or impersonator.

If you as a player want to trade outside of the platform in particular, such as trading one of the third-party CSGO trading sites, or Dota 2 trading sites listed on our website. You will need to make your inventory “Public”. That can be found at the top of the page as highlighted below.

STEP 4 Trade URL

Why Would I Need My Steam Trade URL?

As stated previously the unique Steam Trade URL is needed to use third-party sites as players can get real money outside of Steam for real money by selling their Steam inventory. Also, players may want to send trade requests and receive a trade offer for their Steam inventory items within the platform itself.

Is It Safe to Post Your Steam Trade URL?

Posting your Steam Trade URL is completely safe. It can only be used to take someone directly to the Trade procedure. It can never be used to hack an account, steal skins, or any other way that could possibly get your account hacked or compromised. Players can always generate a new Steam Trade URL if someone is sending unwanted trade offers constantly.

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