How to Check If You Can Trade on Your Steam Account

Can You Trade From Your Steam Profile

Do you want to Steam trade one of our CSGO Trading Sites listed on SkinsMarkets and other games to complete transactions or simply trade with friends, But your Steam account cannot trade? Often due to Steam and its large number of Steam trade measures and security market restrictions that have been put together by Steam within the community market. This ensures that trades and accounts are protected at all times, and to ensure delivered skins and items leaving accounts are completed on authorized accounts only.

You may finally notice when you eventually try to get a Market listing, or until you use a site listed on SkinMarkets, you may not even know you’re unable to trade. Thankfully, there is a quick way to see if your Steam account is eligible for trading and not currently facing any community market restrictions on your user’s account which will cause a trade hold and a market hold on your account. Which will make your trade transactions impossible for all games and in turn not be accepted.

Checking Steam Trade Restrictions

To discover the fastest and most efficient way to see if your Steam account can trade on the community market is to go over to the Steam community market itself the fastest way to do this is to click this link –

Make sure you are logged in to Steam for this to work, if not you can log in on the page.

This page will show any trading and market restrictions on your Steam account. This is the quickest method to check for all Steam accounts, as it gives you a rundown of all the applicable trading restrictions on your account.

If your Community Market page does not show any additional messages on the top of the page, then you are good to trade and you can start trading items with other players and parties! An example photo is below:

An example screenshot of a Steam Account that can trade

Example of a Steam Account that can trade on the market.

Alternatively, if your account does indeed have any trading restrictions from the market, you will see them at the top of the Steam page like in the photo below:

An-example-of-Steam-account-that-cant-trade Screenshot

Example of a Steam Account that can’t trade on the market.

The good thing is if you do find that you are disabled from using the Steam Market, and have market restrictions. You can easily check what you need to resolve it by simply hovering over “To remove this restriction…”. You will see this next to each restriction that you have on your profile. It will tell you how long you need to wait before the restriction is lifted, or what you need to do in order to lift the trading and market restrictions. This is the easiest way to check why you are unable to trade on the community market and to see a breakdown of each trade holds and its reasons.

Once you have confirmed if you can trade on Steam. You can now securely trade with your Steam Trade URL, and start trading users around the world.

Restriction Types

New Device

If you are logging in from a device that has not been previously authorised by Steam Guard and confirmed by email, you will receive a trade hold for that particular device for 7 days. However, the trade holds do not apply to authorised devices.

Steam Guard Not Enabled or Recently Enabled.

Steam requires your account protected by Steam Guard enabled you cannot trade if your Guard is disabled (via email or the Steam Guard mobile authenticator) We always recommend you protect your account with the mobile authenticator. The guard and mobile authenticator have to be enabled for 15 days to use the community market. This helps protect your Steam wallet funds and prevent unwanted access to your account. It’s never worth having Steam Guard disabled on your accounts, as this can cause unwanted trade holds when trading with other members.

Recent Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password, or think it’s been stolen and need to reset it this will cause a Steam trade holds for 5 days. You should never share your password with anyone but yourself and not even a friend, to keep your Steam account as secure as possible period. If your account has been inactive for more than two months the Steam trade restriction will also apply but for 30 days.

Mobile Authenticator Added or Removed

Removing or adding a brand new Mobile Authenticator will produce trade holds and will not allow you to trade for 15 days and cause a trade hold when trading.

No Purchase Older Than 7 Days

Your account must have a purchase older than 7 days, but not older than a year if you want to utilise your Steam profile on the market when trading.


You may also find if your profile is banned from trading, depending on the violation you may receive a permanent trade ban or a temporary one. You can contact Steam support if you are not sure why. You may also have a VAC ban, VAC bans make sure that you no longer have access to the CSGO marketplace, store and in turn you won’t be able to make trades for CSGO skins, you will also no longer get item drops in the game.

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