Dota 2 Trading Sites for 2023: Top 9 Platforms to Buy and Sell Skins

DOTA 2 Trading Sites -

Because Dota 2 items and skins are worth real money, you can trade them like stocks, forex, crypto, etc. And just like there are good and bad platforms for trading such assets, the same applies to Dota 2. The page offers many third party trading platforms where you can trade Dota skins for very reasonable prices so why not trade with hundreds of thousands of players today for decent prices.

Many of these sites offer a low trading fee and provide a great alternative to selling skins on the regular Steam community market. All of the sites listed below are safe if you want to deposit money to buy skins or sell from your Steam inventory, by providing the site with your Steam trade URL, You will have access to rare skins and in game items, with more availability than the regular steam marketplace. Rest assured trading skins and skin trading in general on these sites is just as safe as the Steam community market.

This is why we have tested all the available platforms in the market, to identify and select the best Dota 2 trading sites for 2023. Fast trades, best prices, generous bonuses and quick cashouts to FIAT and crypto are just some of the benefits that our recommended sites will bring you all sites have a huge community with many withdrawal options available, as stated previously all of these sites are completely safe to trade skins from your Steam account.

Check out our ranking to start trading Dota 2 items and skins now.

Ranking of the 9 Best Dota 2 Trading Sites for 2023

Here you have our ranking of the best Dota 2 trading sites for 2023 with the best prices and the largest variety of items and skins on the market – join your favorite now to start trading:

If you would like more information about each one of our recommended Dota 2 trading sites, such as the pros vs. cons, then keep reading.

1. DMarket: Best Dota 2 Trading Site


With over 2 million monthly users, DMarket is the #1 Dota 2 trading site and all those traders know why: prices similar to Steam, minimal fees for buyers and sellers (1-7%), outstanding variety from the most common to the most niche Dota 2 items, and fast trades with the possibility to cash out in FIAT and crypto. And on top of that, you can claim massive bonuses and promotions to make your trading even more profitable.



  • Highest liquidity for the fastest trades
  • Largest variety of Dota 2 items and skins
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Prices similar to steam
  • Low fees for buyers and sellers
  • Instant Sell available
  • Fast FIAT and Crypto payment methods


  • No live chat
  • Cashback requires paid subscription

2. CS.MONEY: Best Deposit Bonus for Dota 2 Trading


With a sweet welcome bonus of 35% extra on your first deposit, it’s easy to see why Dota 2 traders love CS.MONEY. Because you can also take advantage of fast trades, attractive prices for buying and selling, and plenty of cashout methods.



  • Get a 35% deposit bonus
  • Large variety of Dota 2 items and skins
  • Fast trades for all price ranges
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • FIAT and crypto payment methods


  • Mobile website needs improvement
  • Customer support needs improvement

3. SkinCashier: Best for Dota 2 Instant Cashouts

SkinCashier Dota 2

Do you need money ASAP? Then you need SkinCashier, the fastest Dota 2 trading platform for turning your skins and items into FIAT or crypto in record time. And they offer this without sacrificing the price, because SkinCashier is one of the highest paying sites in 2023.



  • Best choice for instant cashouts
  • FIAT and Crypto available
  • Excellent prices for Dota 2 skins and items
  • Competitive fees for buyers and sellers
  • Outstanding customer support


  • Prices cheaper than Steam
  • Mobile website needs improvement

4. SkinBaron: Best for Big Trades

SkinBaron Dota 2

If you want to trade Dota 2 items and skins worth more than $999, then SkinBaron will bring you the liquidity, variety and commission you need, because it will drop from 15% to just 2%. Making it the best Dota 2 trading site for “high rollers”, and you’ll be even happier to know that you can cashout fast using crypto.



  • Lowest seller’s fees for trades over $999
  • Optimal liquidity for big trades
  • Crypto and FIAT payment methods available
  • Excellent prices for rare Dota 2 items and skins
  • Fast trades and quick cash out


  • Seller’s fee is 15% for items below $999
  • KYC mandatory for trading

5. BitSkins: Best for Cheaper Prices than Steam

BitSkins Dota 2

Are you frustrated with the high prices on Steam? This is one of the main reasons why buyers look for third party platforms, and from this group BitSkins offers prices up to 70% cheaper than Steam. Excellent for buyers, especially thanks to the generous bonuses, fast trades and low commission.



  • Prices up to 70% cheaper than Steam
  • Hyper fast sales
  • Quick cash out method
  • FIAT and Crypto payment methods available
  • Great variety of items and skins


  • Harder to make a substantial profit for sellers
  • Mobile website needs improvement

6. Best for Investing Skins and Items


Did you know that you can generate daily returns by investing your skins and items at Thanks to the Tradeit Invest Program, you can deposit your skins/items and you’ll obtain earnings on a daily basis. On top of fast trades, outstanding variety of skins/items and great prices for buy/sell, now you can invest at for even more profits.



  • Obtain daily returns by investing items and skins
  • Large variety of items and skins ready for trading
  • Low fees for buyers and sellers (max. 5%)
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Instant cashout available


  • Instant cashout is subject to high fees
  • Customer support needs improvement

7. Skinport: Buy Skins and Items with 0% Commission

SkinPort Dota 2

If you’re all about buying items and skins, then Skinport might be the best choice for you thanks to its 0% commission for buyers. Thanks to its massive variety of skins and items, it’s a godsend for traders looking to stock up their inventory with new valuable additions.



  • 0% commission for buyers
  • Huge variety of Dota 2 items and skins
  • Low selling fees for items over $1,000
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Fast trades and cashout


  • Prices cheaper than Steam
  • KYC is mandatory

8. ShadowPay: Best for P2P Dota 2 Trading

ShadowPay Dota 2

If you want to keep your Dota 2 trades 100% P2P, then ShadowPay will bring you the experience because all items are instantly tradeable, you can find thousands of active traders 24/7, and the fees are low. Be it that you want to buy or sell, ShadowPay will help you to find the best deals.



  • Best Dota 2 P2P trading site
  • Low fees
  • Great variety of items and skins
  • Fast trades
  • Excellent prices for buying and selling


  • KYC is mandatory
  • No live chat

9. Skins.Cash: Best for Crypto

Skins.Cash Dota 2

If you want to convert your Dota 2 skins and items into crypto and vice versa, then Skins.Cash is the best trading site to do it. You can trade and cash out in USDT, BTC, TRX, ETH and LTC with minimal fees and outstanding speed, and since it has optimal liquidity, you can cash out fast.



  • Best for buying and selling with crypto
  • Instant crypto cashout
  • Optimal liquidity 24/7
  • Great variety of items and skins
  • Frequent bonuses and promotions


  • Limited FIAT payment methods
  • Some skins cannot be sold

How We Tested and Selected the Best Dota 2 Trading Sites

Out of the 400,000 daily active users on Dota 2, a big percentage trades skins and items. Because of this, dozens of new trading platforms have emerged, and this is why we have tested them all to select and put the best in the same ranking. Here you have our methodology:


We only select trading sites availed by the Dota 2 community, in the form of positive ratings, great reviews and little to no complaints. We also research about the company and the team running the platform, to ensure that your information and assets will be in good hands.


Fast trades make a trader happy, and this is why we have only selected Dota 2 trading sites with optimal liquidity levels. We verify this by checking the data from the platforms such as open trades, successful operations, number of daily active users, etc. We make sure that you can sell and buy Dota 2 skins and items fast, be it the cheapest or the most expensive.


We have added recommendations for both buyers and sellers. Sites like DMarket maintain the prices similar to Steam, allowing you to make as much profit as possible, whereas platforms like SkinCashier and BitSkins have prices 50-70% lower than Steam, making them better for buyers and those who want to sell ASAP.

Variety of Items and Skins

Items and skins of all kinds and in all the price ranges, making it ideal for every type of Dota 2 trader. From Common to Immortal and Arcana, you will find the skins and items you need to kickstart your trading journey.


All Dota 2 trading sites will charge buyer’s and seller’s commissions, and it was our mission to find the platforms with the lowest commissions to help you save money when buying and maximize your profits when selling.


From free Dota 2 skin and items and generous deposit bonuses to huge giveaways, our recommended Dota 2 trading sites will spoil you with plenty of bonuses and promotions throughout the year. Especially during those special times of the year, be it Xmas, The International, Summer, you name it.

Ease of Use

You are here to trade fast and easy, not to decipher a sort of cyber riddle. This is why we have only chosen trading sites that are easy to use. From charging fast (f*** lag) to offering an intuitive interface, you will enjoy the best Dota 2 trading experience at our selected sites.

Online Security

We have verified that our listed platforms can protect your personal and financial information, and of course your skins and items. They’re worth real money, and hence they need to be shielded against cyber criminals. The security measures include encrypting all the communications on the website, enabling features such as Two Factor Authentication, using a Content Delivery Network to block DDoS attacks and having a dedicated online security team.

Customer Support

We have tested the customer support department of all the sites we have listed via live chat, email and phone, and we can confirm that they are capable of answering your question and solving your issues fast and professionally. Be it that you’re trading for the first time or you have a problem cashing out your FIAT or crypto, they will help you ASAP.

How to Trade Dota 2 Items and Skins on Our Recommended Sites

It’s probable that you are a newbie in the world of Dota 2 trading, especially at third party platforms. This is why we created this quick tutorial to help you get started today:

  1. Choose a Dota 2 trading site from our ranking
  2. Signup and log in via Steam
  3. Select Dota 2
  4. Select the items and skins from your inventory that you can to trade
  5. Place your trade.

Now join any of our recommended Dota 2 trading sites, follow the steps we’ve just laid out and start trading.

Third Party Dota 2 Trading Sites vs. Steam Market and Dota 2 Shop

When you want to trade Dota 2 skins and items, you have 3 options: the Steam Market, the Dota 2 Shop and third-party trading sites. Here you have the reasons why our recommended platforms will bring you a better trading experience versus Steam and Dota 2 Shop.

Transform Dota 2 Skins and Items into Real Money Fast

Steam and Dota 2 Shop are slow, whereas third party trading sites are fast. You can instantly turn your Dota 2 skins and items into FIAT or cryptocurrency – your choice. If you love speed, then you will love our recommended sites.

Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions Available

Steam won’t give you bonuses such as 35% extra on your first deposits, whereas third party trading sites like DMarket will reward you with it and other benefits such as cashback, giveaways, reload bonuses and more.

Generate a Higher ROI

Sites like DMarket will allow you to sell Dota 2 items and skins at premium prices, making them the best choice for making a superb ROI. And since you buy cheap at platforms like BitSkins and SkinCashier, you can skyrocket the profitability of your trading journey.


If you need more information about Dota 2 trading sites such as if there’s a trade lock, if you can sell items and skins for real money, or if these platforms are legal, then check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best Dota 2 trading site?

DMarket is the best Dota 2 trading site for 2023 because you can instantly sell and buy Dota 2 skins and items, you will find the best prices, you can take advantage of generous bonuses and deals, and the seller fee is the lowest in the market (3%).

Are Dota 2 trading sites legal?

Yes, Dota 2 trading sites are legal in the majority of countries, unless the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction dictate otherwise. We recommend you to check your local laws to find out if you can legally join and trade at Dota 2 trading sites.

Where can I trade my Dota 2 items?

You can trade your Dota 2 items at our recommended trading sites such as DMarket, CS.MONEY, SkinCashier and SkinBaron. They make it easy to buy and sell items and skins thanks to benefits such as Instant Sell and having thousands of available items ready for trade.

Is there a Dota 2 trade lock?

Yes, there’s a 7-day Dota 2 trade lock. This change was imposed in 2020 and since then it has affected features such as Arcana items which lost their role as a stable currency. Fortunately, third party Dota 2 trading sites have alleviated this situation, revolutionizing the way gamers can trade Dota 2 skins and items for real money.

Can you get banned if you trade on third party Dota 2 trading sites?

No, until now we have not received a report about users getting banned for trading items or skins on third party Dota 2 trading sites. Because there is no link between our recommended sites and Steam or the game, you will be safe like the thousands of Dota 2 traders that buy and sell skins/items every day on our recommended platforms.

Can you sell Dota 2 skins for real money?

Yes, you can sell your Dota 2 skins for real money at our recommended sites. You can exchange them for cash through eWallets or you can sell them for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Our listed sites bring you plenty of cashout methods to turn your Dota 2 skins into real money that you can use as you wish.