CSGO Trading Sites for 2023: Top 10 Platforms to Buy, Sell and Exchange

The Best CSGO Skin Trading Websites 2023

Here you have our 10 recommended sites for trading CSGO skins, choose your favourite now to start buying and selling:

For more information about each CS:GO trading site, find our detailed reviews below. We’ll help you find your perfect platform.


1. DMarket: Best CSGO Trading Site 🥇

Dmarket CSGO Trading

DMarket has managed to become the #1 trading site since its launch in 2017 thanks to its outstanding popularity that guarantees optimal liquidity for trades and instant cashout with over 160K daily visitors. Take advantage of the low fees for sellers, optimal prices and superb P2P trading experience to exchange your CSGO inventory and items at DMarket today.



  • Over 160K daily users for optimal liquidity
  • Fast trades and cashout
  • Over 11M skins available for trading
  • Excellent prices for sellers (close to Steam)
  • 0% fee for buyers and 3% fee for sellers
  • Sell your CSGO skins instantly
  • Peer to Peer trading available with thousands of available users 24/7


  • Customer support lacks live chat
  • No cashback without paid subscription

2. LootBear: Best for Safe CSGO Skins Trading 🐻

Lootbear - CSGO Trading Site

LootBear has been running since 2018 and it has earned its spot in the world of CSGO trading as the safest platform because it uses the most advanced tech to protect your information, and they also include Guaranteed Skins Insurance when renting out your skins. If your skins are stolen or lost, LootBear will pay you their price in full, making it an excellent way to make passive income with your skins and items.



  • Guaranteed skins insurance available when renting your skins
  • 20K+ daily active visitors for fast trades
  • Large variety of premium CSGO skins and items
  • Excellent prices for sellers
  • You can rent your skins for passive income
  • Instant cashout available


  • Not enough variety of cheap and common CSGO skins and items
  • Expensive prices for buyers

3. SkinBaron: Best for Trading Premium CSGO Items 💰

SkinBaron CSGO Trading Site

If you want to sell premium items worth $1,000+, then you need to join SkinBaron. This platform has been catering to traders and buyers interested in premium skins since 2016, providing you high prices, a 2% fee for sellers, optimal liquidity with 40K+ daily active users and instant cashout available.



  • 2% fee when selling CSGO skins over $999
  • Highly targeted traffic interested in buying and trading premium CSGO skins
  • Optimal prices for sellers
  • Over 40K daily active users for fast and practical trades 24/7
  • Outstanding variety of premium CSGO skins
  • Instant cashout available


  • 15% fee when selling skins worth less than $999
  • KYC is mandatory

4. BitSkins: Best for Buying CSGO Skins 🛒


If you want to buy CS skins then you need to look for the cheapest prices and BitSkins offers up to 70% lower than Steam Market. Because it caters to users who want to turn their skins into cash ASAP, this platform brings you an excellent opportunity to buy valuable skins for cheap. With over 30K daily visitors and an outstanding variety of skins, it’s the place to buy as a shopper.



  • Buy CSGO skins up to 70% cheaper than Steam
  • Over 30K daily visitors for fast sales
  • Thousands of active offers for trading 24/7
  • Outstanding variety of skins and items
  • Over 250 payment methods available


  • Bad choice for sellers
  • They need to offer more bonuses

5. CS.MONEY: Best Deposit Bonus 💰


CS.MONEY offers the best deposit bonus with 35% on your deposit, an attractive way to take advantage of all the deals available on their extensive marketplace. With over 160K daily visitors, you can make fast and seamless trades 24/7 – be it that you want to exchange, sell or buy skins.



  • Claim a 35% bonus for trading skins
  • Over 160K daily users for optimal liquidity
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • 3% fee for sellers
  • Fast cashout via FIAT and Crypto


  • Mobile website needs improvement
  • Customer support needs improvement

6. TradeIt.gg: Best for Investing CSGO Items 📈


TradeIt.gg is a good choice for both buyers and sellers because prices are only 10-25% lower than Steam, and thanks to its outstanding variety of skins, it’s always possible to find profitable opportunities. And since you can invest your skins for daily passive income,TradeIt.gg is the right choice to boost your trading profits.



  • Invest your CSGO inventory for daily passive income
  • Outstanding variety of CSGO Items
  • Prices up to 25% cheaper than Steam
  • 60K+ active daily users ready to trade
  • Fast cashout with FIAT and Crypto


  • You need to pay high fees to use the instant cashout function
  • Lower prices might reduce profits for sellers

7. SkinCashier: Best for Instant Cashout 🤝


SkinCashier is the king of instant cashouts because it has the liquidity, infrastructure and payment methods to convert your skins into real money faster than any other of our recommended trading sites. They make it possible by keeping the prices low, an opportunity for savvy buyers as well.



  • Fastest way to cashout CSGO skins into real money
  • PayPal available for instant cashout
  • Cheap prices available to buyers
  • Crypto payment methods available
  • Outstanding customer support


  • Prices are not good for sellers
  • Bot doesn’t price in stickers or patterns

8. SkinsMonkey: Biggest Inventory of CSGO Skins 👍


SkinsMonkey offers the largest variety of CSGO skins and items, and since it keeps the prices similar to Steam, it’s a godsend for sellers. Because over 70K daily visitors come to SkinsMonkey looking for skins they cannot find anywhere else, bringing you plenty of opportunities for selling your skins at a premium.



  • 45,000+ different types of skins and items available for trading
  • New skins and items are added fast to the trading platform
  • Prices similar to Steam
  • 70K+ daily active visitors for quick and seamless trades
  • PayPal available
  • Crypto payment methods available


  • Live chat can be slow
  • Prices might not be the best for buyers

9. SkinSwap: Best Prices for Sellers 💵


If you want to find buyers willing to buy your skins at the highest possible price, then you need to visit SkinSwap right now. And since it rewards buyers with a 30%+ deposit bonus, they will be even more motivated to buy your skins. It receives over 10K daily visitors, bringing you plenty of opportunities for selling your CSGO items and when you trade CSGO skins.



  • Sell your CSGO skins at Steam-like prices
  • Claim a generous 30%+ bonuses on deposits
  • Large variety of CSGO skins and items
  • Instant cashout available
  • Outstanding customer support service


  • Expensive prices for buyers
  • Only credit cards, Bitcoin and Litecoin available

10. Skinport: CSGO Trading Site 0% Commission for Buyers 🚀


Skinport is an excellent trading site for buyers because it offers a 0% buyer fee and thousands of users want to sell their skins ASAP at a low price in exchange for an instant cashout. With over 200K daily visitors, you will find plenty of opportunities every day.



  • 0% commission for buyers
  • Over 200K daily active users for fast trades
  • Outstanding customer support service
  • 100% EU compliant
  • Intuitive interface for easy and fast trades
  • Instant cashout available


  • 12% fee for sellers

Skin Trading Sites – Trade CSGO Skins

If you want to exchange, buy or sell CSGO skins but you don’t want to deal with Steam’s high fees, trade locks and limited payment methods, you need to join our recommended CSGO trading sites. We have compiled an extensive list and detailed information of the best sites to trade CS skins.

Many of these websites provide a great alternative to the Steam community market as these skin trading sites provide a better platform to trade skins as you can buy and sell with real cash, you can also find valuable items that you simply cannot find on the regular Steam marketplace. With these skin trading sites, you will also find that you can sell your skins instantly and trade skins. Whether you want to simply PVP trade or use a CSGO trade bot you will certainly find the best trading site for you, as all of the sites have an excellent reputation rest assured we can promise secure transactions with every trade offer by earning extra as these Counter Strike trading sites are often a lot cheaper than Steam.

A few of these sites also have a dedicated mobile app which makes it perfect if you want to trade items on the go or simply in the comfort of your own home with all of these sites offering a user-friendly experience when it comes to buying and selling Counter Strike Global Offensive skins. Many of these skin trading sites trade cs:go skins from all wear levels, whether the skin is a battle scarred skins, well worn skins, field tested skin, minimal wear or simply factory new.

These sites have a plethora of in game items that can be bought and sold at will, which makes for fast and secure transactions all of these sites brag an excellent reputation hence the key factors being the reason they are listed, with most sites all you have to do is simply login with your steam profile and complete KYC, to buy and sell these sites are perfect if you want to find the more valuable items as you can buy items and sell items that are too expensive for the regular steam marketplace. Trading CS:GO Skins for such trade offers has never been easier!

We have built this ranking with the 10 best CSGO trading sites for 2023 with outstanding liquidity for fast trades, best prices for buyers and sellers, a huge variety of items, instant cashout, available skins, methods and plenty of generous bonuses for your trades at these skin exchanging sites. Did we also mention that buyers can buy skins instantly as well as sell them instantly by using one of the preferred site’s trading bot? This may not be on offer at other sites, so make sure you stay in the loop when it comes to CS trading.

Many sites also offer a service that allows you to sell your CS:GO skins instantly by trading with the site’s trading bots. If you are an avid Counter Strike Global Offensive player you will know that you can’t trade your CS:GO skins instantly on the Steam market. Most traders now exchange skins from every wear level on skin trading sites for CS:GO, whether it be p2p or simply through trading bots. So if you want to trade CSGO in game items we have got you covered with all avenues of skin trading widely available. With more players turning to these sites after a real Steam market analysis it is simply not worth trading on the regular Steam marketplace anymore! So feel free to enjoy a trade offer on your Steam Account and trade CS:GO skins on these safe sites by using safe P2P trading or either a safe trading bot, which every platform offers.

How We Chose the Best CSGO Trading Sites for 2023

Because there are dozens of different CSGO trading sites, we have implemented a careful, specific and professional selection method that includes in-depth research and live testing (yes, we’ve tested all the CSGO trading platforms) to identify the top sites for trading CS:GO skins. Here’s our selection method fully disclosed.

1. Background and Reputation

This is the first stage in our review and selection process because we can only recommend CSGO trading sites that are reputable and highly recommended by the CSGO community. Here’s what we take into account:

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Comments and complaints from different CSGO communities
  • History and records from the team that is running the trading site.

Our team invests dozens of hours into research and analysis to make sure that the CSGO trading site we want to recommend is legal, safe and reputable, to bring you an outstanding skins trading experience.

2. Liquidity and Speed of Trades

Our recommended sites have thousands of daily active users ready to buy and sell allowing you to make quick trades and cash out immediately if you need money ASAP. Be it P2P or with the platform’s trading bot, you can find and trade thousands of active offers 24/7. 

Here you have the monthly traffic that each site receives according to SimilarWeb:

  1. DMarket: 4.9M visitors
  2. LootBear: 700K visitors
  3. SkinBaron: 1.2M visitors
  4. BitSkins: 1.0M visitors
  5. CS.MONEY: 4.9M visitors
  6. TradeIt.gg: 1.8M visitors
  7. SkinCashier: 389K visitors
  8. SkinsMonkey: 2.2M visitors
  9. SkinSwap: 457K visitors
  10. Skinport: 6.3M visitors

We have tested them thoroughly and we can guarantee that they are the CSGO trading sites with the highest liquidity in the market as of 2023.

3. Variety of CS:GO Skins

From the cheapest to the most expensive, our recommended trading sites offer the largest variety of CSGO in game items on the internet. You can find skins in all types of conditions, patterns, grades, and qualities such as a Dragon Lore AWP worth over $100,000 as well as more affordable skins such as an USP-S Cortex or an AK-47 Slate that sell in the $5-$50 range. 

This big pool of CS:GO skins in different price ranges, along with optimal liquidity, will bring you the CSGO trading experience you deserve: fast trades at the right price. Because it’s almost sure that you will always find a seller or buyers for your skins.

4.Prices for Buyers and Sellers

In the world of CSGO trading you can do two things, buy or sell skins. If you are a buyer, you need low prices, and if you’re a seller, you need to sell high (as close to Steam Market prices as possible). We have selected sites for both types of traders, to bring you the most profitable CSGO trading experience.

Our individual reviews highlight what sites keep their prices similar to Steam’s, and which ones have the cheapest prices, to make it easy for you to choose your ideal platform as a buyer or seller.

5. Fees for Buyers and Sellers

You deserve to pay the lowest fees when buying or selling, and this is the concept we’ve used when building this ranking. With offers such as 0% fees for buyers and fees as low as 2% for sellers, our sites will help you to keep the biggest percentage of every trade you make.

Steam charges a total of 15% for trading items and we’ve only selected sites that charge way less than that, be it for cheap or expensive skins. Our recommended trading platforms charge fees in the 0-10% range, saving you plenty of money in every transaction.

6. Bonuses and Promotions

Imagine receiving 10-50% extra on your first deposit to buy, or reduce seller’s fees to 0% – this is the power of the bonuses and promotions that our recommended trading sites offer. You can also take advantage of cashback, rakeback, and skins to stock up your inventory. And let’s not forget about giveaways, where you can win lots of skins and items that you can sell for a profit.

7. CSGO Skin Investment Options

Established trading platforms such as Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, eToro and Binance bring you different ways to make your money grow, be it ETFs or staking cryptocurrencies for monthly/yearly passive returns, you have the power to invest on your fingertips. And CSGO trading sites should offer you the same, and this is why we have also selected sites that offer you the possibility to invest and obtain daily, monthly or yearly returns.

This will help you to boost the profitability of your trading because you can invest a percentage of your inventory to generate passive income. And you can use these earnings to buy new skins and repeat the cycle. 

This investment option also increases the liquidity of a CS:GO trading site, because it makes sure that there’s a pool of skins always ready for trading. Similar to what Binance does with locked staking, and this concept works perfectly.

8. Payment Methods

PayPal, bank transfers, Skrill, Bitcoin, USDT or gift cards, you deserve a wide variety of payment methods to buy and cash out. Our recommended sites offer FIAT and crypto payments with minimal fees and fast or immediate processing.

For example, you can sell your skins and instantly cash them out via Bitcoin, USDT, TRX, ETH, DOGE, XRP, SOL, and LTC, amongst other cryptocurrencies. You can also rely on eWallets such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and WebMoney for quick payments and extra money.

9. Online Security

Skins are worth real cash, you already know it. They can surpass the $100,000 mark as is the case for skins such as the AWP Dragon Lore or the AK-47 Case Hardened (661). And there are inventories worth several millions of dollars such as “GOODKID” with $800M, “Ainz” with $300M.

With so much money in play, our recommended sites use the latest technology to protect users from hackers who are always ready to steal such inventories, be it worth several millions of dollars or a couple grands. Here is the list of the online security measures that our selected platforms implement:

  • SSL certificates issued by companies such as Comodo, GlobalSign and DigiCert
  • Content Delivery Networks from providers such as CloudFlare
  • Protected and supervised databases
  • User-centric security measures such as two-factor authentication
  • Dedicated online security team
  • Safe payment methods.

Remember that these online security measures have been implemented to protect even the biggest CSGO inventories in existence, hence you can rely on them saveguard your hard-earned skins.

10. User Experience

A CSGO platform should be easy, fast and intuitive – you don’t have time to deal with over-complicated sites that make it a rocket science to buy and sell skins. Our recommended sites will bring you a superb trading experience on desktop and mobile, because you can trade your CSGO inventory in only 2 clicks. 

11. Customer Support

A CSGO trading site can be great in all aspects, but if it lacks proper customer support service then your experience won’t be complete. This is why we only recommended platforms that can bring you fast answers and solutions via live chat, email or on the phone.

How to Trade CS:GO Skins at Our Recommended Trading Platforms

If you’re decided to start trading CSGO in game items but you don’t know how, then follow our quick tutorial and you will be buying and selling skins today:

  1. Select a site from our ranking
  2. Complete the signup process
  3. Log in via your Steam account
  4. Choose the CSGO items you want to trade
  5. Select the skins/items you want to exchange your skins/items for
  6. Complete the trade and receive your new skins!

Now you can start trading for stocking up your inventory or making huge profits by buying now and selling high. 

Are Third Party CS:GO Trading Sites Better than Steam Market?

If there’s a Steam Market available, why should you opt for a third-party skins trading site instead? Here you have 5 powerful reasons to make the switch and never look back.

1. Say Goodbye to the 15% Fee

Steam charges a 5% fee for every trade, and then there’s a game-specific fee of 10%, which brings you a total of 15% you have to pay any time you trade CSGO ski. Our recommended sites defeat Steam in this department because the fees for sellers can be as low as 2%, and 0% for buyers. The best choice is evident, start trading at our ranked CSGO trading platforms now.

2. All CSGO In Game Items Are Immediately Tradable

You can forget about the Steam trade lock, because all the skins immediately tradable at our recommended sites. They do not impose restrictions when depositing skins for immediate sales, you can trade them right off the bat via P2P or using the platform’s trading bots.

3. Fast Trades and Instant Cashouts

If you want to turn your CSGO inventory into fast cash or crypto, then Steam Market won’t help you. On the other hand, our selected sites will allow you to make fast trades and to immediately cash out your skins via your preferred payment method, be it PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, Bitcoin, USDT, or any other.

4. Exclusive Buying Opportunities

Did you know that many websites can offer prices up to 70% cheaper than Steam? This is not good news for sellers, but for buyers it’s a godsend. You can stock up your inventory with rare and valuable skins that you can resell for a handsome profit. 

Note: This is the case for some sites because the other websites can keep their prices similar to Steam, making them great choices for sellers.

5. Generous Bonuses and Promotions

Has Steam ever offered bonuses for trading CSGO in game items? Of course not, but they’ll happily keep 15% of every trade you make, and that is not a good business for you. On the other hand, our recommended sites will bring you bonuses such as…

  • 10-35% extra on your first deposit for buying
  • Reduce your seller fees when trading skins
  • Claim free skins and items
  • Make an extra 5-15% on every trade

And we also have to mention the giveaways that will reward you with more skins and items that you can instantly sell for a generous profit.


For more information about CSGO trading sites and skin trading in general, we invite you to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best CSGO trading site in 2023?

Many of the sites listed here could best CSGO trading platform in 2023 because it has the lowest fees for buyers and sellers, the highest liquidity, excellent prices, generous bonuses and plenty of cashout methods such as eWallets and cryptocurrencies. Overall, after testing all the CSGO trading sites, your best site depends on personal preference at which website offers the best skins trading solution.    

What is the best site to sell CSGO skins for real money 2023?

All of these sites you can buy and seal for real cash because you can get a buyer instantly thanks to the platform’s bot, you can instantly cash it out via crypto or eWallets, and they bring the best prices to sellers with minimal fees.

What is the best way to cashout CSGO Items?

The best way to cashout is by trading them on a third-party CSGO trading site. You can sell them for real money, be it FIAT or cryptocurrencies and you can receive the payment immediately. 

Are CSGO trading sites legal?

Yes, CSGO trading is legal in the majority of countries. However, your local laws might consider it illegal, and therefore we invite you to check the regulations and laws of your country or jurisdictions in regards to CS:GO skins trading.

Are CSGO trading sites safe?

Yes, our recommended sites use SSL certificates, anti-DDoS protection, a dedicated online security team, high-tech servers and 2-FA to protect your private and financial info, and of course your CSGO in game items.