How to Open & Enable The Developer Console in CS2


While playing CS2, having access to the console will open your options in regard to customization and commands that will make your experience while playing Counter-Strike 2 more expansive. How to Open The Console Here is how you can open the console in 4 simple steps: From the main menu click on the “Settings tab” […]

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How To Kick Bots in Counter-Strike 2


Bots in Counter-Strike have always played a role since the original Counter-Strike. Sometimes they are useful but sometimes they can be annoying, and they are making a return in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Just like in CS:GO, Counter-Strike 2 will allow you to remove bots through the console menu, just like in the original. If you […]

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How To Show FPS in CS2

How To Display FPS In Counter-Strike 2

In Counter-Strike 2, having the highest number of FPS (frames per second) will give you an advantage in daily matchups in the game. Especially if you have a high response rate monitor to keep up with the frame rates! Such as a 144hz monitor, 240hz and even 360hz for a great competitive advantage! Counter-Strike 2: […]

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How To Play Aim Botz in CS2

How to Play Aim Botz in Counter-Strike 2 - Graphic

As Counter-Strike 2 is being slowly released to most players who have a history of playing the original, lots of new players are getting their first playtime in CS2. With the Counter-Strike 2 Limited access release there is no way to access or launch workshop maps, like in the original CS:GO. This means that players […]

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How To Make Your Steam Inventory Public or Private

How To Make Inventory Private or Public

You can only trade skins if your Steam account’s Inventory status is set to Public. In this guide at SkinMarkets, we will show you how you can change your inventory settings, whether you want your Steam profile inventory settings changed to Private or Public on your Steam account. Changing Your Steam Inventory Details It is […]

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How To Make Your Steam Profile Private or Public

how to make steam profile public or private - thumbnail

Steam Users can choose who they want to get access to their Steam profile and Steam account. The Steam account which contains information such as hours spent on a game, friends list and even game details such as the games that they own on their Steam accounts within the Steam community, to share with other […]

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How to Enable Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator

How To Enable Steam Guard

How to Enable Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator Steam Guard is a feature of security by Steam that produces an additional form of protection for your Steam account. It protects your Steam account from unwanted access it also makes sure that all of your personal information alongside financial information is kept secure. Steam Guard is a […]

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How to Get Your Steam API Key

How to Get Unique Steam API

How to Get Your Steam API Key What are API Keys? When you first get into Skin Trading online, you will often need to provide a Steam account API key for that particular site. But what is an API key and why is the web API key needed? First, the API which stands for (application […]

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How To Find Your Steam Trade URL

Finding Your Steam Trade URL

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve likely heard of Steam and its massive library of full games. With this platform, you can join up with friends, chat with other players, and even trade items with the Steam inventory. To get started with trading, which is a huge feature for Steam and its Marketplace. In this […]

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How to Check If You Can Trade on Your Steam Account

Can You Trade From Your Steam Profile

Do you want to Steam trade one of our CSGO Trading Sites listed on SkinsMarkets and other games to complete transactions or simply trade with friends, But your Steam account cannot trade? Often due to Steam and its large number of Steam trade measures and security market restrictions that have been put together by Steam within the […]

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