Where To Trade Skins in 2023

Check out the top skin trading sites for 2023, regardless of which game you play we’ve looked in depth at where you can sell your skins for the most money:


Welcome to SkinMarkets, We’re here to help you find the best websites for selling your game skins on popular game titles such as CSGO, Dota 2, Rust, TF2 and Roblox.

All of the biggest games that have a market for skins will be included on our site, giving you an insight into the wide array of selections that we have on offer. We have tested the best skin sites out there to ensure that your experience is unblemished, to buy, sell and deposit, no matter your game of choice. You can also find that many of the sites listed offer a wide variety of games and do not just cater for one specific game. The game selection is as follows:

Types of Skin Trading Marketplaces


Skins are a big feature of CSGO and ever since the release of cosmetic skins which was a new addition that was first featured in the Arms Deal update. Players have been buying and selling skins for numerous years and we want to provide you with the best site where you can do just that.

Dota 2

If you are looking to buy or sell Dota 2 Skins, to modify your hero, animations or spells you can find a marketplace that is suitable for you.


If you are looking to broaden your Rust apparel or simply sell your rust skins for real money, you will find a wide selection of sites here at SkinMarkets.


TF2 Skins have been a popular counterpart to the regular gameplay of Team Fortress 2 and have been doing so for a long time now. You can also find a wide variety of platforms to Trade TF2 Skins on SkinMarkets.


Roblox skins and the currency known as “Roblux” is traded a lot between players we have listed the best ones on our site where users can buy and sell Roblox skins for real money. The Roblox market for skins is constantly growing, rest assured we will always be at the forefront of Roblox trading.

Finding the right platform for you

SkinMarkets provides the best online platforms for players who are looking to buy & sell in-game skins for real money. This site has crafted a plethora of websites catered for your every need by bringing you the most legitimate and reliable skin websites within the industry. Giving you access to the sites in just one spot. We have ensured that you will find a site that is tailored to your preferences in regard to buying and selling skins.

If you’re in the market and looking to either buy a skin or sell a skin, SkinMarkets has got you covered. You can sign up for either of the websites listed on our platform completely free! This means no membership fees are required for simply signing up.

All of the skin-selling sites listed on SkinMarkets will contain a detailed description of what is available to the user on that particular site. This means that all of the site’s characteristics are clear and transparent, right from the get-go! The culmination of things that you should be looking for in a skin-selling site is below:

Cheaper Than Steam Marketplace

You will find that many of the sites that we have on our platform will be a lot cheaper than the Steam Marketplace and what’s even greater is that on our site you can even buy and sell your skins for real money! This means that you as a user are not tied down to one particular marketplace. You will also find that the skins have a lower selling fee than the Steam Market, this is an incredibly important thing to look out for especially when it comes to selling skins. Luckily on SkinMarkets, you can see where you are getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to selling skins. As on our extensive list of sites the selling fee is always listed, to make sure you can compare with other sites to find the best one for you.

You will also find that you can withdraw your sales to real money and sometimes even crypto! All of this is obviously site dependent and each site will vary and we will have this listed for you.

Trusted Skin Buying & Selling Sites

Each site that has been listed has been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure that the platform provides you with a quality skin buying & selling experience at all times. The sites have been listed because they truly define what a skin buying & selling site should look like. Therefore we elaborate on low deposit fees, low seller fees, user interface and customer support.

We recommend that you take the time to review our sites to make sure that you find the site that is catered for your needs. The Market is very heavily saturated which can often make it hard to find a well-trusted site. Luckily we have taken it one step further and taken this process out for you. With our efficient knowledge and experience, you will find a full broad scope of what is on offer in regard to skin sites. With a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages for each site, making your choice appropriately has never been easier!

Low Deposit Fees

This is an important feature, especially for those wanting to buy skins and prosper their inventory, as when buying skins you want to make sure that the deposit fees are low so you are not getting hit with hidden costs when wanting to purchase skins on sites that are listed on SkinMarkets. You will find on our list of sites that we have covered the deposit fees so that you can compare with ease to come to the conclusion of which site is suitable for you and your every need when it comes to making a deposit.

You will find that many of the sites that we have listed offer a broad spectrum of deposit methods, with popular services such as Paypal being accepted and all major debit and credit cards being accepted. Some even accept Cryptocurrency as a method of deposit.  All of these methods are site dependent so each site will vary and we will have that listed for you!

Skin Trading Marketplaces

The phrases that you can often see for a skin marketplace place P2P and Bots, We will break down the meanings behind each of them, to make sure that you find the correct site for your every need.

P2P – This is a marketplace where buyers and sellers trade skins directly without the need for a steam bot. Many of the platforms listed on SkinMarkets are P2P so if you want to transact peer-to-peer we have got you covered with our compiled list of P2P sites.

Bot – Some sites use steam bots to offer the transaction when it comes to buying and selling skins which means your transaction is done through a bot and not directly peer-to-peer, so the bot is basically the middleman.

You will find that many of the sites that are listed on SkinMarkets will offer both types of marketplaces, and not just a specific one. All of this is categorised thoroughly on every website that is listed on SkinMarkets, We have done this to ensure you as a consumer have a method that is exactly right for you.

The type of marketplace is generally an important factor when it comes to users deciding what site they want to use, especially if you are a first-time user. Learning the type of marketplace that is suitable for you is probably the most important factor when it comes to trading skins alongside, low selling fees and low deposit fees.

Latest Online Skin News

The Skin Market is constantly growing and evolving every day, we have first-line access to ensure that you never miss a site, when it concerns you and your skin buying and selling needs. Be it a change of method or an additional new site hot off the press, we have it all here and waiting at SkinMarkets, to ensure you as a consumer are in the loop whenever needed. You can read our skins guides here, you can also visit our news guide.

Mobile Skin Trading

Mobile browsing and trading are constantly on the up and as popular as ever. It is the revolution in Skin Trading, expect us to be right here at the front of this. Finding a seamless Skin trading site that fully accommodates mobile technology will certainly not be a problem, as many of the sites on our compiled list will have this feature.

A transparent and trusted mobile skin trading means that you as a player can trade wherever you please. This encourages independence and adaptability, to ensure that your needs can meet your lifestyle, whether you want to trade in the comfort of your own home or simply on the go. 

Many sites offer great mobile-friendly platforms, regardless if you are an Android user or an IOS User.